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QA Training Programme (QTP)

qatQuality Assurance is pivotal to maintaining the highest standards of facilitation of the OLEVI programmes. The Quality Assurance training programme enables OLEVI facilitators to become accredited OLEVI Quality Assurance Consultants.

QA training:-

  • provides a deeper understanding of the DR ICE© model and how it can be used to monitor impact and progress
  • hones observation and feedback skills
  • grows understanding of the OLEVI Teaching and Learning Syllabus
  • provides the opportunity to experience and learn from different school environments

Once accredited, an OLEVI Quality Assurance Consultant will be included on OLEVI’s database of QA Consultants and will be contacted by OLEVI to carry out QA visits on their behalf.

We are gradually building a strong team of experienced people who not only benefit from honing their skills, bringing new ideas back to their schools and increasing their earning power, but will also be pivotal in developing the new wave of programmes in the future.


The programme is one full day.


For experienced accredited OLEVI facilitators of the Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) or for those who have completed our Power of Coaching Facilitator Programme (POC).