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About us

The OLEVI groundbreaking Teaching and Learning Syllabus is transforming results in schools world-wide.

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OLEVI has two aims:–

  • to drive up standards in schools around the world
  • to create a successful teaching and learning culture that leaves a lasting legacy

OLEVI’s collaborative models inject energy, skill and the highest standards of professional teaching practice into your school. Devised by world leaders in the field of education, OLEVI’s unique programmes have made measurable improvements in the quality of teaching, with consequent improvements in outcomes for students.

OLEVI’s programmes are not prescriptive, but seek to build on the teaching wisdom already in place in your own and partner schools. OLEVI trains groups of teachers, teaching assistants and leaders to kick-start action and steer reaction in your school.

Tailored individually to fit your school’s needs, OLEVI’s programmes are:–

These practical, highly effective programmes make up OLEVI’s Teaching and Learning, Coaching, and Leadership Syllabus that have produced a dramatic improvement in the schools where they are in action. Widely effective in London, Manchester and the Midlands, our programmes have grown nationally throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and internationally in Germany, Cyprus, Italy, the UAE, Qatar, India, Brunei, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Canada.

Facilitated nationally by a network of outstanding teacher facilitators and through our Designated OLEVI Centres of Excellence, known as DOCs, OLEVI’s syllabus nurtures and grows outstanding teaching practice, encourages positive innovation and encourages schools to collaborate in educational success.

Working in partnership with client schools, OLEVI helps identify the teaching talent already in place, encouraging it to thrive and fostering a relentless culture of excellence.

OLEVI’s programmes raise achievement levels quickly. Success drives success. Schools develop a self-sustaining coaching model they can use both to maintain excellence and share with partner schools.

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