Our OLEVI Professional Coaches

The Alliance is incredibly proud of our OLEVI Professional Coaches.

This accreditation marks the achievements, skills and expertise of some of the most committed and high performing professionals in the Alliance. These teachers and leaders have proved their significant and sustained contribution to improving school leadership through high quality coaching.

Additionally, it is a formal recognition and celebration of their ongoing dedication to Education, and comes with a range of opportunities to contribute to, learn with and play a crucial role for the Alliance.

Please find out more about this eminent group of individuals by reading their individual biographies.


Ros Bartlett

OLEVI professional coach Ron Bartlett

Transformational…  my role as an OLEVI Professional Coach has enabled me to grow both professionally and personally.

Coaching develops the leadership skills of the individual and builds capacity within the team. My ability to employ my deep listening skills, question effectively and engage in purposeful dialogue has helped to develop my social interaction skills at all levels. In working with schools through the facilitation of OTP and OLE and through my role as a professional coach, I have seen the development of leadership skills at all levels. 

Through a coaching culture, colleagues are not afraid to challenge in order to impact on the learning of everyone, both students and colleagues.

Patrice Canavan 

OLEVI professional coach Patrice Canavan

The skills I have learnt during the OPC have been invaluable to me as the Headteacher at Oaklands School and to the people I coach both in my own school as well as others. 

The OPC has been some of the professional development I have received for many years. 

Every day I reflect upon those skills to move both myself and other colleagues forward in their professional thinking.



Martine Clark

OLEVI professional coach Martine Clark

I am an accredited professional OLEVI coach on the Getting Ahead London Programme and Women Leading in Education, as well as an Executive Headteacher, a National Leader of Education and a trained Ofsted Inspector.  I also coach on behalf of the DfE to support Headteachers of schools with Recruitment and Retention issues.

I use coaching within Performance Management and my day to day interactions as a powerful tool to maintain a positive and growth mindset environment, which underpins our school culture.  I have ensured that senior leaders have been trained in coaching, in order to disseminate the qualities of this form of communication across the school. Coaching builds capacity within the organisation and staff develop the confidence to resolve issues that may be blocking their personal and professional development. 

It is refreshing, when we are absorbed in day to day educational challenge, to take time out to reflect on the most important priorities.  Coaching provides guilt free breathing space, because you know when you have taken this time, your load is lightened and your performance will be enhanced.

Paul Day

OLEVI professional coach Paul Day

The OLEVI Professional Coach training and accreditation has had a huge impact on my development as a coach and as a Leading Practitioner for Teacher Development at the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy. Throughout the trust we have been able to launch a variety of strategies to allow all colleagues to engage with coaching. All teachers have access to a trained coach, with the ethos of coaching also permeating into less formal coaching situations. 

The variety of methods explored and the chance to apply this to my own context has allowed me to adapt my coaching more readily to the people I am working with. This has led to greater procedural developments and tangible improvements in practice. It has enabled me to increase my listening skills and the emotional intelligence of the people around me. Pupils are more responsible for their own learning and have a greater awareness of the metacognition involved. 

The long-term view is to have formal structures for staff to access when they want to, but also to imbue a coaching ethos within our teaching and learning and leadership, so that the facilitative approach can lead to greater staff and pupil autonomy.

Stephen Edgell

OLEVI professional coach Stephen Edgell

Becoming part of the OPC network has taken the quality and integrity of my work to a whole new level. I am engaging in more worthwhile dialogues which are focused on outcomes while learning how best to have those ‘difficult’ conversations.

I’ve seen how coaching can unlock potential in others and how the professional skills set can be utilised across a range of settings for the benefit of the communities we serve.



Patsy Jordon

OLEVI professional coach Patricia Jordan

I have been a professional coach for nearly two years and I was asked to train coaches at King Henry School, at the start of the formation of the Odyssey Trust and as a result of the school development plan.

The first cohort of 10 coaches have all been fantastic ambassadors for coaching. The system has been used extremely well and is benefiting the school as a whole. The second cohort are currently using coaching in many ways, including with students, with feedback, in 5 minute coaching sessions and in the more formal setting of bookable sessions.

We work closely with OLEVI, who have been a tremendous help in the planning of this new coaching adventure, and this seemed to be a natural extension of the coaching model already embedded in Townley Grammar School. The feedback regarding the power of coaching has been so positive and empowering.

Lee Mason-Ellis

As the CEO of The Pioneer Academy Trust implementing a coaching ethos has revolutionised the Trust’s six schools, from ones ‘no-one wanted’, to being graded Good or Outstanding in a matter of years.

OLEVI’s coaching ethos is reflective of our own academy’s vision and mantra and has ensured that our academy fully embeds a coaching culture across the Academy Trust.

Investment in coaching has been a crucial part of the success achieved by the Pioneer Academy schools. Coaching has united staff at all levels, opening up valuable communication channels that improve the quality of teaching and learning. It has opened up a state of mind where learning and progression is key, helping individuals help themselves, and maintaining long-term sustainable success.

Matt Maynes

In my own school; Lutley Primary School, staff and children now have access to effective coaching through a clearly established coaching model. Through a secondment at another school in our Multi Academy Trust, I have introduced a coaching culture to another setting school ensuring that new and established leaders could deliver quality coaching to others. I have also worked with the leadership teams of other schools as an SLE to introduce them to coaching and support them with their coaching journey.

My coaching clients are more successful in understanding their present and finding and variety of ways forward. I have embraced a variety of new models and improved my coaching skills, building further on the models and coaching tools introduced in the Power of Coaching. I am able to call on my skills in range of formal and informal situations to provide more quality coaching experiences.

Coaching has improved the confidence, assertiveness and resilience of staff at all levels.  This is underpinned by our own coaching ethos and in line with Olevi’s principles of coaching. The APOC and OPC have enabled me to further deepen our school community’s understanding of coaching, strengthening and embedding our coaching ethos.

Nikki Meredith

OLEVI professional coach Nikki Meridith

The process of becoming a Professional Coach is both enjoyable and demanding but above all, it enabled me to have that personal reflection time and to really get to know the professional side of myself better. Being a professional Learning Coach has allowed me to grow and push myself to do things that I perhaps would not have previously aspired to.  It has enabled me to learn how to really focus on my deep listening skills and respond to this by asking challenging questions. When working with other schools, it has supported me in my drive for school improvement, empowering me with the confidence to challenge via my questioning and to listen deeply when engaging in a professional dialogue with Headteachers and other colleagues.


Nicki Smith

OLEVI professional coach Nicki Smith

I have established a successful coaching programme for the staff and students at Hayes Secondary School in my role as a Lead Teacher there and the OPC enabled me to approach it with a fresh perspective about how to develop this further.

Over 50 members of staff have taken part in the coaching programme over the last 4 years and the OPC has had a significant impact on the way that I lead and facilitate coaching. 100% of coaches have agreed that they feel supported and valued and that our termly meetings are developmental. Feedback has shown that the coaching programme has empowered staff in their professional role and all have said that they would recommend being part of the programme. I have also supported teachers from other schools to implement coaching, in my role as an SLE.

I was motivated to reengage with the ethos of the coaching programme and the vision for how the impact and benefits can reach beyond those currently involved to encourage more of a coaching community amongst all staff. Being reflective and striving for continual improvement is something that my school and OLEVI both embrace as a vision that underpins everything that happens.

Jamie Tegerdine

OLEVI professional coach Jamie

After a few years of facilitating Olevi programmes for Trent Valley Teaching School Alliance alongside my role of Assistant Principal, it was a privilege to be asked to participate in the Olevi Professional Coach programme.

The programme has made me think much more deeply about the impact that coaching can have in, and beyond, our academy. As a direct result, I have set up a Coaching system at Tuxford Academy using staff who have trained on the Outstanding Teacher Programme and Power Of Coaching. All teaching and support staff can now access a ‘professional coach’ who they choose from a large team of coaches. In addition, we now encourage all senior and middle leaders to participate in the Power Of Coaching.  I have facilitated a whole staff CPD session using Heads of Faculty as coaches to develop team improvement plans for the year ahead.

I am now starting to develop CPD programmes, including coaching, for the academy trust, which will be used across our 15 primary, secondary and special academies.

Gavin Williams

OLEVI professional coach Gavin Williams

Coaching has always had a huge impact on my practice as an Assistant Head Teacher at Darrick Wood School.

As a teacher and leader, as well as working with other Schools, it has always enabled me to be reflective as well ensuring that others are developing themselves within their own context.

The OPC has taken this to another level, to the extent that it now forms a base for cultural change with individuals and organisations which I am operating with.



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