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Innovation is a gradual process

When the success of Ravens Wood School led to an exodus of staff for more senior positions elsewhere, the school’s leadership found itself adopting a novel approach to cope with inexperience among the remaining teachers. Matt Ridley has for a number of years written extensively about innovation.  In his latest book, ‘How innovation works and why […]

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In memory of Professor Peter Matthews OBE, 1944-2020

We were all saddened to hear that our esteemed colleague Professor Peter Matthews OBE died suddenly on September 1 following a brief illness. Our thoughts are with his wife and two daughters, their families and friends. Peter was an inspirational figure and friend throughout our collaborative community.  As an international expert in evaluation, our endeavours […]

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Our best-laid plans are put to the test

It is now just over eight months since China reported the appearance of a ‘mysterious flu’ which came to be known as Covid 19. Two months later, all of the countries we report upon, with the exception of Sweden, closed their school gates to all but the most vulnerable pupils and those of key workers. […]

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For a sense of perspective, look at the big picture

If you’re still wondering what on earth happened last term, you can rest assured you are not alone. Over the next few weeks, if you’re not there already, you will be returning to a situation that will seem just as disjointed as that which you closed the doors on when you left for your summer […]

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An opportunity to relax, and evaluate

The summer break has arrived, and with it some breathing space. This is the ideal time to sit back and evaluate the past few extraordinary months before we plunge back into it, headfirst.   Now everyone is finished for the summer, a number of colleagues have expressed a desire to take some time during the […]

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Summer break gives us room to breathe

The holidays are upon most of us and before long we’ll all be given a chance to relax. This year more than ever, we need this period for reflection and preparation. Term is almost over for each of the collaborative learning communities we report on and everyone can now look forward to a few weeks […]

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