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Talent Coaching

How do we identify, retain, nurture and grow our school leaders of the future? Nicki Smith, OLEVI Lead Facilitator and Professional Coach, reflects on: How could talent coaching influence the answer? “Two-fifths of teachers, school leaders and support staff want to quit in the next five years – blaming ‘out of control’ workload pressures and ‘excessive’ […]

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Working with Purpose: The Capitals Driving New Approaches

The influx of non-qualified teachers into the school system in recent months led the Western Quebec School Board to draw from the Capitals that anchor all work in their Teacher Induction Programme. Dealing with staff shortages through the pandemic would have been immeasurably more difficult without non-qualified teachers. They also bring with them a level […]

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Serendipity catches the wave

Sometimes innovation can arrive when you’re looking for something else, but to make the most of it, you need to be ready to identify it and ride it as far as it will take you. Innovation is often serendipitous.  In his book, How Innovation Works, Matt Ridley identifies serendipity in his list of the essentials […]

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Vaccines, collaboration and peer review

The successful global distribution of coronavirus vaccines provides us with a practical example of the theory of action at work. For the first time in quite a while, we have cause for optimism. Coronavirus vaccines have been approved and distributed and with them, the hope that the pandemic can be controlled to a point somewhere […]

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World class learning starts with a superhub

Formation of new hubs is intended to give every school in the country the same opportunities for teacher learning. The concept of teaching schools has evolved greatly since their inception back at the turn of the century when we successfully used it to improve learning across London. In the intervening period this initiative has grown […]

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Sir Kevan Collins brought in to recover lost learning

Government recognition that school closures will be catastrophic for education has led to the nine-month appointment, with Sir Kevan already being labelled the ‘Covid catch-up tzar. ’In response to the myriad evidence being published to confirm that the lockdown has had a significant negative effect on student learning, especially on those from disadvantaged backgrounds, the […]

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