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Covid calls the shots as schools adapt to contrasting strategies

Sweden and Wales are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to dealing with Covid-19, and the education authorities in each country have been forced to play the cards they have been dealt as best they can. Sweden Amid a sharp rise in coronavirus infections in Sweden, the BBC quoted Stefan Löfven, the […]

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Theory of action in the classroom (Part 3 in a series)

To illustrate the theory of action as defined by Chris Argyris and his colleagues, we need to apply it to an educational context.  By relating the theory of action to a teacher’s development in school we can see how the two sub-theories – theory-in-use and espoused theory – can be applied. In this hypothetical situation […]

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Frame your approach with a theory of action

By looking at the variables, you can determine your route to school improvement. Here we remind ourselves of the origins of this blog and how the approach we adopted in the past can be applied to guide you in the future.  Time really does fly. It’s already been around a year since we launched this […]

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Meeting the challenges head-on

Two very different regions have each faced their own unique challenges during the pandemic. Now, as we adapt to a new educational landscape, we learn how Jersey and Wales are approaching the months ahead. While the severity of the coronavirus outbreak varies considerably between the island of Jersey and the urban environment of Cardiff, the […]

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Confusion reigns in the classroom

A lot is going on within our collaborative communities at the moment, so to keep you informed of events, we shall dedicate the next two blog posts to the global update.  In this, the first, we report on Quebec and England and in the second we focus on Dubai, Jersey, Sweden and Wales. When I […]

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It takes effort to stay on top

It is not enough to reach the top and consider your work done. In order for a school to remain outstanding, a continual programme of improvement is necessary. In this post, we take a deeper delve into the component of growing the top as part of our approach to school improvement which underpins the work […]

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