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What are we learning during this unprecedented time?

Nicki Smith, teacher and OLEVI professional coach and lead facilitator, reflects on the remarkable events of the past week in education and asks: What Are We Learning Here? “Wow what a week”… It seems like I have overused that phrase so inappropriately in the past in comparison to what we are all experiencing at the […]

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Could talent coaching help identify, grow and retain future leaders?

How do we grow and nurture a talent culture?; How can we use talent coaching as part of this change?

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Group Coaching and Team Effectiveness the OLEVI way

Would I want to work with a colleague like me? Nicki Smith, OLEVI Lead Facilitator, reflects on how Group Coaching and Team Effectiveness could influence the answer. One Friday afternoon I was reeling off my work to-do list to my friend Maisie, who wanted us to go out for dinner and have some much-needed quality time, […]

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Please allow me to explain …

Chris McGeehan, Lead OLEVI Facilitator, reflects on how being able to effectively explain complicated concepts can make, or break, a learner’s ability to move forward – or to lose confidence and become disengaged. Queuing in a café recently I began to wonder why my queue seemed to be moving considerably slower than the other one. […]

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How a growth culture is key to moving schools forward

Paul Day, Leading Practitioner for Teacher Development at the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, reflects on the impact felt by those who engage with the OLEVI culture and ethos. Having attended the OLEVI International Conference I was struck by how everyone’s engagement and involvement with OLEVI has had such a major impact on them as individuals, and […]

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OLEVI looks to a collaborative future

A strong alliance will ensure the future success of OLEVI, outstanding leaders in teaching have been told at the first OLEVI International Conference. Launching the OLEVI Alliance, an evolution of OLEVI International, co-founder and CEO Richard Lockyer said a shift in mindset towards an alliance and beyond simply membership was necessary if people were to […]

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