Great coaching will speed effective growth (Case study: Part 3 of 3)

Richard Lockyer | Nov 28, 2022

The process of professional development, from compliance to growth, requires clear communication to all involved from the outset. In the conclusion of his series on developing the schools within Diverse Academies, Jamie Tegerdine explains the importance of communicating the new approach to all involved through effective coaching. Growing our people – PIPS to PDPs -an…

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Teacher development is crucial to school transformation (Case study: Part 2 of 3)

Richard Lockyer | Nov 21, 2022

In the second instalment in our series on schools’ transformation, Jamie Tegerdine, Strategic Lead for Teaching, Learning and Professional Development – Diverse Academies Trust, explains the elements that make up the organisation’s approach and presents the evidence to justify it. Growing our people  – PIPS to PDPs – an evolution not a revolution Jamie writes…

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The process of school transformation (Case study: Part 1 of 3)

Richard Lockyer | Nov 13, 2022

Step by step, Diverse Academies is transforming its schools. In this series we are invited inside the process. Diverse Academies based in Retford is in the middle of moving towards an effective collaborative learning community across its network of schools. This transformation is very much a work in progress. Jamie Tegerdine, Strategic Lead for Teaching,…

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Regional variations expose attainment gap

Richard Lockyer | Oct 10, 2022

There remains a huge disparity in achievement according to the location of schools, something the pandemic brought into stark relief. In a recent article we celebrated the success of our granddaughter and her friend’s excellent GCSE results. Their results were some of the best achieved in England.  Fortunately for her she goes to one of…

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Remembering Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Richard Lockyer | Sep 9, 2022

For 70 years our monarch ruled with charm, poise and grace. Queen Elizabeth II reigned with dignity, often under the most intense pressure. She is someone we should all be inspired by. We were saddened to learn of the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  She has been a constant throughout most of our…

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Something to shout about

Richard Lockyer | Sep 1, 2022

Students across the UK have been anticipating the release of their GCSE results, a moment they have been working towards for years As one gets older it is easy to forget the significance that public examination results have for those who take them and for those who care for them. Thursday August 25 in England…

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Plenty to discuss as we make a return to class

Richard Lockyer | Aug 26, 2022

While we’ve all been enjoying our summer break and the exceptional weather that has accompanied it, the world keeps turning, leaving us with a few things to consider as we pack our bags for the start of term. As I write, our friends in Canada are back at their desks. Mike Dubeau and his leadership…

Now we relax, for a few weeks at least

Richard Lockyer | Jul 22, 2022

The last schools have shut their doors for summer, and we can look forward to a few weeks to gather our thoughts, says OLEVI’s Chair, Professor Sir George Berwick. That’s another school year in the rear view for all of us now the United Kingdom has signed off, joining many of you who have already…

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Global update: Political fallout will reach education

Richard Lockyer | Jul 19, 2022

Change, as they say, is inevitable. But as we go through power shifts at the highest tiers of government, we owe it to our children to ensure this doesn’t adversely impact their education. It is interesting to note that the changes to the leadership and correspondingly the policy of the governments in the countries in…

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