Innovation in Education – Chatbot use in education (Part 2 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Mar 24, 2023

Artificial intelligence is here, and our overseeing bodies have recognised that there is little hope of preventing its use among students. They have instead introduced guidance on its use. The march of technology and more specifically, the advent of the AI chatbot, has brought us to a crossroads in education, with the potential of considerable…

Innovation in Education – How will AI impact learning standards? (Part 1 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Mar 12, 2023

With the introduction of new AI platforms that promise to do all your research and writing for you, the ramifications for education are potentially massive. Artificial intelligence has been making huge leaps of late. Perhaps one of the more attention-grabbing of these is the advent of chatbots, a new breed of search engine (‘Google killer’…

Compassion should go hand in hand with leadership

Richard Lockyer | Feb 26, 2023

In our second report on the IOE Conference we begin by reflecting on Professor Katherine Riley’s call for compassionate leadership. We then turn to the presentations by Professors Louise Stoll and Qing Gu. Compassion and moral purpose In her opening keynote at the conference, Professor Katherine Riley made a strong case for compassionate leadership in…

Leaders in education gather for IOE conference

Richard Lockyer | Feb 9, 2023

School leaders from across the globe discussed the shifting educational landscape in the aftermath of the pandemic. On January 30 and 31, the UCL Centre for Educational Leadership held its annual conference, Connecting Research, Policy and Practice – Leading into the Future in London. This was a gathering of the greatest minds in education today,…

Coaching: Developing Master Coaches, a case study

Richard Lockyer | Jan 25, 2023

A new initiative from our partners in Canada led by Amy Curry has involved the roll-out of Master Coaches, who oversee coaching development in schools. The educational system in the Western Quebec School Board (WQSB) is underpinned by mentor-coaches, who are working with their colleagues throughout the Board’s schools. Thanks to a new raft of funding,…

The energy of a school’s ecosystem is there to be harnessed

Richard Lockyer | Jan 22, 2023

The ecosystem within a school and the wider community needs to be effectively managed in order to maximise its potential. In our approach to school improvement we describe how in order to take the correct course of action to bring about improvement, we need to select an activity which takes into account time, place and…

Gongs galore as we welcome in 2023

Richard Lockyer | Jan 3, 2023

The plaudits have been pouring in from across our collaborative learning community as the hard work of our colleagues is recognised and rewarded. The celebrations are done for another year, the decorations packed away and our colleagues are getting back into the swing of things for another year.  There is still time for another toast,…

Reconnect London – the importance of collaboration and partnership in uncertain times (Part 1)

Richard Lockyer | Dec 14, 2022

Collaboration is essential to a successful education system, and as Katherine Vincent explains, this is even more apparent among inner-city schools in the uncertain times we face post-covid. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, school leaders in the UK face challenging internal and external circumstances. Amongst other things, the sector is grappling with significant cost pressures, a…

As we reach our 150th entry, we are way down the road

Richard Lockyer | Dec 12, 2022

Every now and then it can be a good idea to sit back and take stock of what you have achieved and this, the 150th entry in this journal, is one of those times. Over the course of the preceding 149 articles, we have written more than 150,000 words. To give it a bit of…

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