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Covid charts a grim path

As the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic bites, we revisit charts first published in August 2020, to gain a sense of perspective on the spread of the virus among the countries we cover. It is now one year since the first coronavirus lockdown in Wuhan, China, where the pandemic is believed to have started. […]

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How peer review can underpin school improvement

As we navigate our way through further pandemic restrictions,DrDavid Godfrey, Editor of, School Peer Review for Educational Improvement and Accountability, distils his thoughts on the school system and explains why his book is more valid in these times than ever before. Three views have come to underpin my thinking about the school system. These were […]

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Something in the new year worth shouting about

It’s always good to recognise the achievements of our colleagues, but this year above any other, we take great pleasure to offer our congratulations. The new year has brought with it another lockdown for those of us in the UK, a situation none of us would wish for and something guaranteed to put a dampener […]

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Season’s greetings and goodbye to all that

We have nearly made it. Only a few, hopefully COVID-free, days to go before Christmas. To celebrate the forthcoming festivities, we asked Mike Dubeau, Richard Lockyer, Lesley Stagg and Simon Thompson to pen a few thoughts as this –  interesting – year draws to a close.   Simon Thompson – Wales The past year has […]

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Could talent coaching help identify, grow and retain future leaders?

How do we grow and nurture a talent culture?; How can we use talent coaching as part of this change?

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Theory of action: Integrity and the theory of action (Part 7 in a series)

We conclude our theory of action series with two posts which help to contextualise the concept of organisational learning in an educational setting. This post focuses upon the way different schools and school systems interpret the term and how professional integrity impacts on organisational learning. Continually striving for the fit In their account of organisational […]

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