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Shared experiences prove invaluable for leadership growth

Richard Lockyer | Jun 13, 2023

A series of case studies underpins a report into leadership in London schools, ‘London Leaders: Beyond the Classroom’. In the second in our series looking at the leadership of inner London schools, Dr Katherine Vincent continues her summary of her findings. Part 2: Exemplifying effective practice At the heart of the London Leaders report is…

Civic role of schools extends outside the gates

Richard Lockyer | Jun 2, 2023

In central London, the civic role of schools has been highlighted as a positive step towards pupil development. The positive impact schools can have in the wider community is the subject of a recent report by Dr Katherine Vincent, ‘London Leaders: Beyond the Classroom’. In it, she describes how a group of London Schools access…

Swedish school study highlights need for return to learning

Richard Lockyer | May 25, 2023

Work continues on a ground-breaking study to gauge the quality of education in Sweden, aimed at improving standards across-the-board. Over in Sweden, Mats Rosenkvist continues with his development of a systematic approach to improving the quality of teaching and learning in Swedish schools. This is becoming quite a body of work. Mats, CEO of BRAVOLesson…

Global update: The tour of improvement (Part 4 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Apr 29, 2023

The path to school improvement begins from the top. In this post we examine the methods used by Mike Dubeau, Director General of the Western Quebec Schools Board as he works with his school principals on teacher development. Mike Dubeau regards the key element of his systemic leadership role as working with his Principals on…

Global update: Trouble brewing in Quebec (Part 3 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Apr 23, 2023

We can draw comparisons with the situation in Quebec’s education sector and recent events in the UK, as public sector workers hold out for better pay deals. Pay awards As in England, industrial relations in Quebec could be heading for rocky ground. The Quebec government has offered its public sector workers a pay rise of…

Global update: The situation in England (Part 2 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Apr 3, 2023

In the second part of our global update, we look at the issues facing the English education system. England – General The first national teachers’ strikes for some years have been taking place in England over the past two months. The strikes have been over pay, which has not increased in line with the rapid…

Global Update: A tale of two countries (Part 1 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Apr 2, 2023

Our involvement with the education systems in both England and Quebec, Canada, has provided us with a unique perspective on both. In the following series we examine the challenges they face and compare the two. In Charles Dickens’ 1859 novel, A tale of Two Cities, the author refers to London and Paris during the time…

Innovation in Education – Chatbot use in education (Part 2 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Mar 24, 2023

Artificial intelligence is here, and our overseeing bodies have recognised that there is little hope of preventing its use among students. They have instead introduced guidance on its use. The march of technology and more specifically, the advent of the AI chatbot, has brought us to a crossroads in education, with the potential of considerable…

Innovation in Education – How will AI impact learning standards? (Part 1 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Mar 12, 2023

With the introduction of new AI platforms that promise to do all your research and writing for you, the ramifications for education are potentially massive. Artificial intelligence has been making huge leaps of late. Perhaps one of the more attention-grabbing of these is the advent of chatbots, a new breed of search engine (‘Google killer’…

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