OLEVI Conference: Why now?

Richard Lockyer, CEO, OLEVI International, looks ahead to the inaugural OLEVI International Conference. The OLEVI journey has been 15 years in the making, and during that time we have helped to shape the educational landscape and usher in a new standard of teaching. At no point, however, have both national and international members of our OLEVI Conference: Why now?

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How OLEVI changed my view of CPD

We’d been here before, or so we thought. OTP delegate Sarah Butler, Newham Sixth Form College, reflects on her personal professional development journey with OLEVI and how it changed her mind about the impact and effectiveness of CPD. “On hearing that we were to get some professional development through the Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP), our collective How OLEVI changed my view of CPD

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Mastery? Yeah, we covered that.

Chris McGeehan, Jariram Lead OLEVI Facilitator and OLEVI Professional Coach shares how watching a Jujitsu class led him to refect on the role of Mastery in teaching and learning. A lot of people have been talking about mastery recently. There seems to be strong links to the Singapore teaching method. Colleagues who have experienced training Mastery? Yeah, we covered that.

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To improve or not improve; that is the question

Question: Is there anyone in your organisation who has been given permission, implicitly or explicitly, to stop improving? Eddie Hannifan argues why to ‘improve’ is not a word to be feared, but an essential process required to ensure a culture of high expectations for all, by all, develops and grows.

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