UNESCO calls for a new approach to global learning.

Richard Lockyer | May 17, 2022

Landmark report from the United Nations organisation urges governments to invest more in the future of education. To call the UNESCO ISEE Assessment thorough would be an understatement. This is a piece of work that brings together the thoughts and opinions of more than 300 experts across 45 countries, with a pagination topping 1000 pages….

These studies in education could influence future policy

Richard Lockyer | May 3, 2022

Two landmark studies examining the future of education have recently emerged, from UNESCO and the UK’s Department of Education. Both draw conclusions that should be analysed in the context of our own approach to educational improvement. The ever-evolving nature of education requires continual evaluation, for the benefit of both students and teachers. Periodically we are…

Teaching skills in practice – innovation in Swedish education

Richard Lockyer | Apr 27, 2022

Our colleagues in Sweden have embarked on an initiative aimed at improving the quality of teaching and learning. The initiative, Teaching skills in practice, is already gaining traction in a number of Swedish schools and municipalities. It was launched by Mats Rosenkvist alongside Urban Hansson and Bernt Friberg in February 2022. Mats, CEO of Successful…

Lessons from our health services’ response to the pandemic (pt 2 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Mar 25, 2022

In this second post referencing our notes from the Horasis discussion panel on March 4, we continue to examine the lessons we can learn from the health services’ response to the pandemic. The rapid spread of Covid 19 forced our health services to adapt swiftly and often. This readiness to react according to the rapidly…

Health service pandemic response offers lessons for us all

Richard Lockyer | Mar 25, 2022

Our education systems can learn a lot from the way the health service dealt with the pandemic. As the pandemic subsides, we are learning to live with Covid, but we also have plenty to learn from the pandemic, and our response to it. The primary factor of this is to reiterate the imperative need for…

No one-size-fits all in post-pandemic education

Richard Lockyer | Mar 11, 2022

Debate on future learning determines that every pupil is different and a variety of approaches is needed to fully meet their needs. Global education is changing, of that we should be in no doubt, and as we enter a post-pandemic world, we have the opportunity to adapt to the new teaching opportunities presented to us….

Lessons we can learn from two years of pandemic upheaval

Richard Lockyer | Mar 4, 2022

A number of key issues have emerged among the educational centres that make up our collaborative learning community since the beginning of the pandemic. Throughout the events of the past two years, as the world has been forced to adapt to an ever-shifting soup of rules and regulations and the pandemic has impacted our health…

School transformation – early leadership coaching (Pt 4 in a series)

Richard Lockyer | Feb 20, 2022

We were soon called upon to replicate our success with school transformation. This ushered in fresh obstacles, not least convincing head teachers to co-operate. It was not long before other schools in the borough began to show interest in our work with the boys’ secondary school so George Gyte, Director of Education, increased the number…

Guest post: Air Purification during a Global Pandemic

Richard Lockyer | Feb 14, 2022

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School took a requirement for clean air in the classroom and turned it into a school project. They say that some people thrive in adversity. So it seems for our colleague David McFall during the pandemic. We’re handing over to David for the fourth time for an update on how he…

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