Creating High Performing People
Valuing a Growth Culture


Case Studies

ITP – it does what is says on the tin!

When Adrian Rogers, Executive Principal, Robert Bloomfield Academy, first engaged with the Improving Teacher Programme little did he expect to become one of the programmes’ greatest advocates, using it not only within his school’s Academy Trust but throughout his LEA It was April 2012 when Central Bedfordshire Council first introduced Robert Bloomfield’s‚ Executive Principal, Adrian […]

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Schools leading change and growing excellence

Alison Beane, Executive Headteacher, Mary Rose Academy, talks about how a focus on facilitating the ITP and OTP has helped foster a culture of Joint Practice Development and embed an “open door” approach to growing excellence in schools. ‘The Mary Rose Academy first became involved with the OLEVI Improving and Outstanding Teacher Programmes in January […]

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Why do we polish fish?

Huw Duggan, Head of Teaching School, St Chad’s, tells us how changing the culture of a school is the key to growth and success ‘You may ask who would polish fish? More importantly what a glossy-gill bearing creature has to do with OTP/ ITP and our journey to becoming an OLEVI DOC? But this iridescent, […]

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A journey towards excellence

Hayes School Principal, Kieran Osborne and Director of Teaching and Learning, Paul Foster, say how their focus on outstanding teaching started their school on a journey towards excellence What drew you to the OTP? To put it in context, it was at a time when classroom practice was becoming too focused on a tick box approach towards […]

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School adopting OLEVI ethos achieves rapid transformation

Basildon Upper and Lower Academies are praised by Ofsted and see removal of special measures. Pupils and staff at the Basildon Lower and Upper Academies are celebrating coming out of special measures. It is a remarkable achievement, over such a short space of time, with Ofsted rating them “Good” for behaviour and safety of pupils […]

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How facilitation helps schools take the lead

Ripley St Thomas Academy shares how hosting of the ITP and OTP is broadening knowledge and experience of Teaching & Learning for all. Ripley St Thomas became an OLEVI facilitation school in April 2012. Key to the success of the programmes at Ripley is the support of the Headteacher, Liz Nicholls, who says that the […]

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