The Impact of The Power of Coaching

Becca Lockyer | Mar 25, 2024

With thanks to Susan Pye who shared her coaching experience with me. When you feel the energy and enthusiasm radiating from someone through TEAMS, you know they have been deeply affected by something. In this case, it was the result of attending the Power of Coaching programme that had impacted Susan from Samuel Barlow Primary…


Shared experiences prove invaluable for leadership growth

Richard Lockyer | Jun 13, 2023

A series of case studies underpins a report into leadership in London schools, ‘London Leaders: Beyond the Classroom’. In the second in our series looking at the leadership of inner London schools, Dr Katherine Vincent continues her summary of her findings. Part 2: Exemplifying effective practice At the heart of the London Leaders report is…



Richard Lockyer | Mar 20, 2023

Theory Piece

Tackling Limiting Beliefs – Coaching Standard 4.2

Richard Lockyer | Mar 9, 2023

    Please download here: OLEVI APOC Coaching Standard 4.2 Tackling Limiting Beliefs – 2023 FINAL    


Compassion should go hand in hand with leadership

Richard Lockyer | Feb 26, 2023

In our second report on the IOE Conference we begin by reflecting on Professor Katherine Riley’s call for compassionate leadership. We then turn to the presentations by Professors Louise Stoll and Qing Gu. Compassion and moral purpose In her opening keynote at the conference, Professor Katherine Riley made a strong case for compassionate leadership in…


Coaching: Developing Master Coaches, a case study

Richard Lockyer | Jan 25, 2023

A new initiative from our partners in Canada led by Amy Curry has involved the roll-out of Master Coaches, who oversee coaching development in schools. The educational system in the Western Quebec School Board (WQSB) is underpinned by mentor-coaches, who are working with their colleagues throughout the Board’s schools. Thanks to a new raft of funding,…

Case Study

Impact Case Study: Diverse Academies Trust

Richard Lockyer | Jan 22, 2023

Case Study

Impact Case Study: The Pioneer Academy

Richard Lockyer | Nov 29, 2022


Great coaching will speed effective growth (Case study: Part 3 of 3)

Richard Lockyer | Nov 28, 2022

The process of professional development, from compliance to growth, requires clear communication to all involved from the outset. In the conclusion of his series on developing the schools within Diverse Academies, Jamie Tegerdine explains the importance of communicating the new approach to all involved through effective coaching. Growing our people – PIPS to PDPs -an…


Teacher development is crucial to school transformation (Case study: Part 2 of 3)

Richard Lockyer | Nov 21, 2022

In the second instalment in our series on schools’ transformation, Jamie Tegerdine, Strategic Lead for Teaching, Learning and Professional Development – Diverse Academies Trust, explains the elements that make up the organisation’s approach and presents the evidence to justify it. Growing our people  – PIPS to PDPs – an evolution not a revolution Jamie writes…



Richard Lockyer | Nov 14, 2022


The process of school transformation (Case study: Part 1 of 3)

Richard Lockyer | Nov 13, 2022

Step by step, Diverse Academies is transforming its schools. In this series we are invited inside the process. Diverse Academies based in Retford is in the middle of moving towards an effective collaborative learning community across its network of schools. This transformation is very much a work in progress. Jamie Tegerdine, Strategic Lead for Teaching,…