“Coaching develops great teachers and leaders”

Why improve coaching?

Develop coaches who value, motivate, and empower your teachers and leaders to engage in professional learning and grow their effectiveness, leading to improved student attitudes and outcomes.

What do OLEVI coaches bring to a school?

Sustained school improvement

Create an environment where staff and pupils thrive.

“The relationship with OLEVI has been the single most effective tool in our school’s improvement journey.”

Lorna Beard, Principal, Castle Academy

Higher pupil outcomes

Develop confident teachers who help children achieve.

“OLEVI’s approach has decreased resistance to new ideas, created a momentum of change and delivered the confidence to explore new ideas”

Peter Rose, Director of Education
Sharnbrook Academy Federation

Teachers who remain with you and grow

Retain staff as they feel valued and trusted as professionals.

“Investment in coaching has been a crucial part of the success achieved. It has united staff at all levels, opening valuable communication channels that improve the quality of teaching and learning.”

Lee Mason-Ellis, CEO, The Pioneer Academy

Empowered problem-solvers

Give teachers and school leaders the freedom to lead their school into the future.

“OLEVI has become a tool for our schools’ improvement. It has been the most impactful professional development that we have ever done.”

Cynthia Symon, School Improvement Partner, MOD Schools

How does OLEVI make it work?

OLEVI coaching programmes develop and empower teachers and leaders, so they make a significant and tangible difference to your school through:


Giving you the skills to coach

We develop people into skilled coaches through our programmes for introductory, advanced, and professional level coaching.


Proving what coaching can achieve

We don’t just tell you how to coach, we show you how to build coaching into the fabric of your school. Our facilitators demonstrate coaching through expert modelling and encourage delegates to share different ideas and approaches.


Creating a lasting coaching culture

To ensure our programmes have a lasting impact, we work with you to help you set goals and monitor your progress so coaching becomes an integral part of your school.

Our coaching programmes

Power of Coaching (POC)

You will gain the knowledge and strategies that credible coaches use to empower thinking and inspire change. You will also learn the theory, skills, and processes to coach informally, formally and in a structured way.

Advanced Power of Coaching (APOC)

You will be able to confidently utilise advanced skills and techniques to ensure clarity, inspire confidence, and create momentum for colleagues, pupils, and teams to achieve both professional and organisational goals. They can lead effective coaching across groups and teams.

OLEVI Professional Coach (OPC)

OLEVI professional coaches enable transformative change in practice, approach, and culture, and be able to lead and embed a highly effective coaching culture across any organisation.

OLEVI Coaching Supervisor (OCS)

Coaching supervisors will understand the purpose and power of coaching supervision, mastering the skills and processes required to ensure transformative impact on coaching practitioners. The tools and collaborative process harnessed will enable coaches to be ‘more reflective, to become more effective’. This is continual advancement for coaching professionals.

Would coaching benefit your school?

  • Do you want to grow the culture in your school?
  • Are you looking to improve teaching and learning?
  • Do you want to get the very best from your team?
  • Do you want staff to be more self-sufficient at solving problems?
  • Do you want to spend more time on school improvement and less time firefighting?

Then an OLEVI coaching programme can help.

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Why work with OLEVI?

  • OLEVI is an international awarding body for the accreditation of facilitation and coaching.
  • We have accredited 20,000 coaches and facilitators.
  • We are making an impact on schools and trusts in more than 40 countries.
  • Find out how our coaching is making a difference to school leaders, teachers and pupils.

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