OLEVI Professional Coach (OPC)

  • March 6 2024
  • 9:00am

Session Times

Session 16th March 2024 9am - 12pm
Session 213th March 2024 9am - 12pm


OLEVI professional coaches enable transformative change in practice, approach, and culture. You will further develop and deepen your understanding of coaching beyond the APOC so you can raise the expectation, aspiration and inspiration of high performing professionals and teams. You will also be able to implement strategies to embed a highly effective coaching culture across organisations.

This programme consists of 2 focused sessions with a series of post session challenges, completed over a 6-week period.  The sessions are run over a ½ day + ½ day + 1 hour Viva Voce format. The programme has been designed for delivery online.

In addition to the POC and APOC accreditation, full attendance of this programme will accredit you to work externally as a Professional Coach across schools and trusts; and embed an effective coaching culture across any organisation, tailored to their context.


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The online joining instructions will follow near to the start date of the programme.