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Welcome to the OLEVI Resource Page. We are pleased that you have now completed the Outstanding Facilitator Programme and will be able to access the resources for the specific programmes that you have been commissioned to facilitate. As part of our Quality Assurance process, we will use your input to modify and further develop the OLEVI Teaching & Learning Programmes.

In order therefore to maintain the integrity of OLEVI you are responsible for ensuring that the resources and programme concepts are not used by a third party. These programmes and resources are copyright protected, and must only be used for the specific programme commissioned through OLEVI. Please make sure that you have printed ‘resources are used by kind permission of OLEVI’ on the footer of each page where appropriate.  Before you download any resources please make sure you have completed the Annual Membership Licence Agreement and send it by email to: enquiries@olevi.com.

Remember the resources and programmes are guides and can be adapted slightly to fit the needs of the specific clientele or school timetables for each programme, but must stay within the non-negotiables of the programme.