This week we are drawing your attention to the CONSULT phase of the OLEVI Facilitator Model – the 10%

As facilitators we set the scene. This includes generating a clear and tangible sense of expectation from our participants. There is an expectation that participants will engage in collaborative discovery, in a positive and meaningful way. Participants will also come to expect a high quality of challenge, meaning they come prepared to be questioned, stretched, and prompted to think more deeply regarding their own impact and approach as a professional. The facilitator will provide expert instruction, selecting information carefully and articulating content, in order to utilise the 10% in a meaningful way.

As the facilitator leads the session, sharing carefully selected models and frameworks, a universal language is developed and this will evoke a high level of genuine engagement within the group. As the facilitator manages the learning to maximise profound thinking, they simultaneously inspire a commitment to action.

Think back to the last time you facilitated a group? How did you use the 10%? How well did you select and articulate content? How did you set expectations and provide high quality challenge? How did you inspire a commitment to action? What will you do differently next time you facilitate?