OLEVI has been at the forefront on innovation in Teaching and Learning for over 20 years, leading the development of Leadership in Teaching and Learning to become a driving force for change.

Late 1990s

A vision for the Future

During the late 1990s, Professor Sir George Berwick and Richard Lockyer explored how school leaders could create a learning community which retained and valued excellent practitioners and facilitated them being able to share their skills and knowledge; with the aim of raising teaching standards and improving learning outcomes for all. This “Teaching School” concept encouraged Richard to design and develop various Teaching and Learning programmes to raise standards and create partnerships with other schools.

This formed the foundation of the Thinking & Learning Schools’ Alliance – later to become known as OLEVI.

The 2004-2006 London and City Challenges

“Turning Schools Around”

OLEVI’s Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) became the driving power behind the London Challenge and City Challenge project, which helped raise previously struggling schools to levels of outstanding achievement. The OLEVI Teaching and Learning Syllabus became part of the strategy of the government’s drive to transform under-performing schools in some of the most challenging catchment areas in the country.


Sustainable Whole School Improvement

Building on the success of the ITP and OTP, Richard Lockyer, designed the Outstanding Facilitator Programme (OFP) and various (TTT) programmes. The programmes provided schools with how they themselves could drive forward improvements as part of the OLEVI Alliance. The rigour and challenge of the OFP has been recognised by the DfE and National College as being key to the success of sustainable whole school improvement.

Over the following years, as the Alliance grew nationally and internationally, so did the programmes.

In 2012, the Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Coaching or TLC Suite of Programmes were launched.

2019 and Beyond

Creating High Performing People, Transforming Cultures

Over recent years, OLEVI has grown dramatically:

1,500 schools and trusts are facilitating OLEVI programmes as part of the OLEVI alliance.

Over 20,000 coaches and facilitators have been accredited by the OLEVI Institute, including over 300 Professional Facilitators and Coaches.

OLEVI Bespoke continues to design high quality programmes, delivered by our team of OLEVI Professional Facilitators, to thousands of educational professionals every year.

OLEVI Connect has been established.


  • Teaching school concept evolves
  • School-to-school work begins with immersion concept used to engage other schools sharing knowledge
  • OLEVI develops school-to-school work for the London Challenge
  • OLEVI approach turns around quality of Teaching & Learning at a school within 14 weeks
  • OLEVI establish the Teaching & Learning Syllabus for teachers
  • First group of National Teaching Schools emerge based on OLEVI approach
  • London becomes the most improved urban education service in the world
  • OLEVI's ITP and OTP recognised as a major focus in raising standards in qulity teaching
  • OLEVI programmes and approach become pillars of education policy network of facilitators grows
  • OLEVI develops the acclaimed QA Review for Challenge Partners
  • OLEVI is instrumental in the creation of the QA Review for Challenge the Gap
  • OLEVI programmes rolled out across Northern Ireland
  • OLEVI programmes adopted by Ministry of Defence Schools in Germany and Cyprus
  • Creation of OLEVI Hubs in Wales as part of the Welsh Challenge
  • OLEVI programmes adopted by India, UAE, Qatar, Brunei, Ministry of Defence Schools in Germany and Cyprus. OLEVI sponsors use of programmes in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania
  • Continued growth of our alliance with schools
  • OLEVI Online evolves
  • OLEVI Institute launches
  • Launch of OLEVI Connect
  • OPAL: OLEVI Professional Alliance for Learning is launched with its 25 Founding Fellows with a clear purpose and mission.
  • OLEVI’s Coaching Supervision Syllabus is introduced to support the continual learning and wellbeing of our professional coaches.

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