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Improving the learning outcomes of all children is at the heart of OLEVI’s professional development programmes.

OLEVI’S suite of highly effective and practical teacher development and leadership in education training programmes have become an integral part of the engine of improvement used in schools throughout  the UK and worldwide. Our programmes support  and inspire teachers, support staff and education leaders to achieve their very best – and lead success.

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Schools and teaching professionals tell us of the impact working with OLEVI has had on their professional practice and moving their schools forward.


Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and
Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)

OLEVI’S Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) have made measurable improvements in the quality of teaching – with consequent improvements in learning outcomes for pupils – and helped raise schools to levels of outstanding achievement. Developed as part of the  portfolio of tools provided for the London Challenge in 2003, the programmes went on to become part of the teaching and Learning Syllabus developed for the City Challenge and National College.

The Improving Teacher Programme has a significant impact on the performance of teaching staff and pupils in schools. One primary school made so much progress on the programme that 46 people from a nearby primary applied to transfer to it. Anecdotally, participant feedback is very positive, with one teacher remarking that it:

“completely transformed my life, both in and out of school.”

The OFSTED 2010 Report on City Challenge stated the effectiveness of the programmes:

“School managers could point to measurable improvements in the quality of the teaching, with consequent improvements in outcomes for pupils. Providers also noted that the quality of their own teaching had improved further. This was the primary reason why teaching schools wanted to continue with this work: they recognised that their own staff and pupils benefited.”

These findings were further supported in the National Teaching Schools’ report: Schools leading schools II: the growing impact of National Leaders of Education Exploring the roles of National Leaders of Education, using their knowledge and experience to help address the challenges faced by other schools.

“The teaching and learning immersion programme has proved a particularly effective dimension of London Challenge. Teachers from London ‘keys to success’ schools found that participating in the programme at Ravens Wood could transform their professional practice within a period of 14 weeks, which was also the time it took one participating school to improve its teaching and emerge from special measures. This approach has increasingly been applied effectively across a growing number of London Challenge schools and in Bristol, Luton and more recently in the Black Country and Greater Manchester. Despite the secondary school environment in which the programmes were developed, there has been a growth of interest by outstanding primary schools in offering the outstanding teacher and improving teacher programmes. These programmes have been adapted by the London Challenge primary team to meet the primary context and several primary schools in London and Greater Manchester are now delivering them.”

Teachers on the ‘Outstanding Teacher Programme’ in the teaching schools, both primary and secondary, noted that it involved serious debate and shared reflection with colleagues about what led to outstanding teaching. It was not an externally imposed programme with pre-defined models or rigid guidance. A notable feature of the programme’s approach was the lack of subject-specific input: the focus was on what made teaching outstanding rather than on developing subject knowledge.

The external evaluation of the Outstanding Teacher Programme, led by Peter Matthews, reports that participants become much more reflective about their teaching. Increased awareness of how to make lessons consistently outstanding is also a positive impact. This includes placing greater emphasis on: the purpose and value of their lessons, raising levels of engagement in learning; the use of different teaching styles to challenge learners; greater readiness to innovate and take risks; and more reflective planning. Most participants find coaching a highlight. The impact of the programme is reinforcement through independent assessment by schools using qualified inspectors or AST assessors.

In addition, the NFER 2011, Evaluation of City Challenge Leadership Strategies reported that a positive impact on leadership capacity was also discerned:

“It was felt that the OTP in particular had resulted in schools having more leadership capacity. By improving the quality of teaching and learning, and providing teachers with coaching skills to be able to pass this on to their colleagues, the NTS programmes were not only resulting in better teachers, but better leaders.”

Outstanding Facilitator Programme (OFP)

OLEVI’S Outstanding Facilitator Programme (OFP) challenges expectations at the very core of teaching and learning. Having a clear understanding of what it means to be outstanding helps facilitate new skills,systems and processes that a school needs to succeed  in the long term. The OFP helps build a coaching ethos to support change, it provides mechanisms and a framework to ensure school improvement becomes ongoing and empowers teachers to become involved in fostering a cultural of innovation and change within an environment of trust and mutual respect.

“To be able to speak to other excellent practitioners has made me feel empowered that this is the way forward – I didn’t get it wrong!”

OFP Delegate

The rigour and challenge of the OFP has been recognised by the Department for Education and National College as being key to the success of sustainable professional development. There are currently:

  • More than two-thirds of Teaching Schools in England deliver our OTP
  • Over 3,000 licensed OLEVI Facilitators
  • Over 1,000 Facilitation Schools
  • 9 Designated OLEVI Centres

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