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What schools and delegates say about our programmes:-

"For us, OLEVI has become a core vehicle, a tool, for our schools’ improvement. It has been the most impactful professional development that we have ever done. Things have come and gone over the years, but with OLEVI I feel it’s a relationship – a model that is so sustainable.”"

Cynthia Symon, School Improvement partner, MOD Schools

"Participating in the OTP, OFP and the POC Train the Trainers in quick succession has been quite a whirlwind, but it has without a doubt been the most worthwhile professional development that I have experienced. Having a regular opportunity to reflect on my teaching and learning practice, and trading ideas and experiences with like-minded teachers, has had a profound impact on my teaching ability and my enjoyment of the job."

Andrew Grabham, Facilitator, Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg

"Everyone delivering education needs a boost now and again and attending the OTP programme reignited my enthusiasm for the career I chose many moons ago! This has been a particularly stimulating experience and I have championed the programme to other school leaders."

Menna J Roberts, Assistant Head, Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg Primary Phase

"Being part of the OLEVI OTP programme has been the most valuable experience of my teaching career to date, and both myself and my pupils have benefited immensely. It has changed my expectations within lessons and has given me both the courage and confidence to give my pupils more independence and freedom. This in turn has impacted on the department as our discussions are more open and focused on teaching and learning."

Nia Rowlands - Facilitator

"The OTAP has proved to be the key to building a better more constructive working relationship between teaching assistant (TA) and teacher. Each has knowledge and skills to share. However, the TAs often have a better understanding of what makes the pupil tick. This can enable them to engage the pupil in a way which makes learning more meaningful and support the teacher to achieve learning outcomes."

Gabriel Calwell, Director of Teaching and Learning, Bedford High School

"The OTP encouraged us to return to our teaching and learning roots and to consider the elements of outstanding lessons which will have a far-reaching effect on our pupils’ learning."

Meinir Thomas, Deputy Head, Ysgol Llanhari

"As busy teachers we can sometimes feel overwhelmed as we are inundated with new initiatives and curriculum changes. In contrast to most training programmes however, the OTP has a unique approach. By working with other teachers in a supportive environment, the programme provides an opportunity to ‘tweak’ what we already do, by deepening our thinking and raising our awareness. This subtle approach however has far reaching consequences, and can inspire and transform our practice. It has given me the confidence to take more risks and has had a profound effect on the way I think, which in turn has been valuable to my students and to my own development. The opportunity to be part of such a programme has inspired me (despite being a more mature teacher!) and made me realise that it is never too late for change!"

Betsan Perrett – Facilitator

"When colleagues reflect upon and evaluate the impact of their experiences, it is clear that they have developed their understanding, approach and confidence in being an effective leader."

James Rees, OLE Delegate and Associate Headteacher, Dyffryn High School

"Investment in coaching has been a crucial part of the success achieved by the Pioneer Academy schools. Coaching has united staff at all levels, opening up valuable communication channels that improve the quality of teaching and learning. It has opened up a state of mind where learning and progression is key, helping individuals help themselves and maintaining long-term sustainable success."

Lee Mason-Ellis, Executive Head, The Pioneer Academy

"The most profound impact the ITP has had, is on the delegates’ expectations of what their students can do and consequently now raise the bar. The challenging of expectations has not only seen an increase in student performance but, in addition, has raised the students’ own expectations of the quality of their teaching."

Sharon Jeffs, Head of Learning, Robert Bloomfield Academy

"Our outstanding facilitators have contributed to the school’s developing ‘open door’ culture. Teachers have a sense of pride about what they do and value the feedback from lesson observation. Facilitation has had a broader impact on the engagement of individuals to grow their capacity to develop teaching and learning beyond their classroom."

Liz Nicholls, Headteacher, Ripley St. Thomas Academy

"The OTAP has raised the profile of the teaching/learning assistant to a position in schools where they are being taken seriously as a profession and valued. It is having a very positive effect on our children’s learning and creating excellent working relationships with other staff members across the school."

Leah Crawley, Headteacher, Burnt Ash Primary School

"Following the introduction of the OTP the school received an ‘Outstanding’ grade for Teaching and Learning. We believe this was a direct result of the OTP – all the teachers graded ‘Outstanding’ had attended the programme.

Kieran Osborne, Principal, Hayes School

"The OLEVI programmes were an inspiration. They enabled us to understand and recognise what 'Good' and 'Outstanding' teaching looks like in the classroom. "

Director, Billericay Teaching School Alliance

"The King John School has had a significant number of staff go through both the ITP and OTP in the year prior to the school's recent Ofsted inspection. The majority of those on the OTP all consistently had lessons graded as Outstanding."

Assistant Headteacher, The King John School

"Both the OLEVI ITP and OTP programmes have had an enormous impact on raising the quality of teaching at World’s End Junior School. Three of our teachers have been graded as ‘outstanding’ for the first time in their careers. The rapid improvement was recognised by Ofsted in January 2013"

Headteacher, World's End Junior School

"We will offer the ITP and OTP as tools for improving teaching and learning throughout our North Wiltshire Teaching Alliance. We have seen them work in our own school and value the impact they have made. We recognise that the professional development of all staff needs to be of the highest quality, equally important, and focused on student outcomes."

Deputy Headteacher, Royal Wooton Bassett Academy

"Our school has used both the ITP and OTP to support over 70 members of staff. As a result, we have been able to embed a strong 'open door' policy and develop a coaching structure within the school to support teachers of all experience. We continue to see the OLEVI programmes as an integral part of our CPD."

Vice Principal, Holyhead School

"The programme has increased my confidence and encouraged me to be more experimental. It has given me some great strategies to take away and utilise in my classroom practice."

ITP Delegate

"Changed classroom practice has lead to pupils become more open and engaged individuals who respond well to questions and question each other, including me!"

OFP Delegate

"I have learnt so much. It will have an impact on the rest of my career."

OTP Delegate

"All activities from start to finish made me think of what I do as a teacher both inside and outside the classroom. I now see the benefits of sharing ideas and have realised I need to do this more often."

OFP Delegate

"I have found a whole new enthusiasm for how I approach work. I now believe in myself and I am more aware of how I encourage children to develop their learning."

OTAP Delegate

"The opportunities to review aspects of pedagogy, which we know have an impact on learning in the classroom, to observe the students and teachers at The Earls and to carry out Joint Practice Development back at school have been greatly beneficial to our teachers. We will, because of this impact, be looking to place more staff on these programmes in the future."

Deputy Head, Swindon Academy

"Made me rationalise my current practice as a senior leader and gave me time to translate identified areas for development into possible changes in practice."

OLP Delegate

"It has completely transformed my life, both in and out of the school and that of my students."

ITP Delegate

"I particularly enjoyed the sessions on coaching as it provided me with an effective and non-directive leadership model... it offers you the challenge and stimulus to raise your practice."

OTP Delegate

"I will never be the same again! I have loved it and will implement all I have learnt into my classroom practice over the next year."

OFP Delegate

"The OLEVI approach establishes an improved culture of knowledge sharing. Recognising differentiation and dealing with it effectively."

Visiting Nigerian Delegate

"Gave me time to think and reflect on where are we now. Particularly in terms of knowledge, moral purpose, social and organisation."

OLP Delegate

"To be able to speak to other excellent practitioners has made me feel empowered that this is the way forward."

OFP Delegate