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OLEVI Professional Coach (OPC)

OLEVI Professional Coach The OLEVI Professional Coach® is part of the nationally acclaimed suite of programmes that make up the OLEVI Teaching & Learning, Leadership and Coaching Syllabus (TLC). Delegates acquire skills and strategies to continue their coaching development and reach the highest standards in their coaching accreditation.


The OLEVI Professional Coach Programme will:

  • Develop and deepen a delegate’s understanding of coaching beyond the Advanced Power of Coaching programme. 
  • Ensure delegates can successfully lead a coaching strategy within any school context. Including:
    • understanding strategies to embed coaching for change; 
    • measuring its impact and;
    • creating a sustainable coaching model. 
  • Work externally as an OLEVI professional coach across our network of national and international schools. 

The programme is a key part of the OLEVI portfolio of school-to-school support, which is helping to increase capacity and drive up standards in all schools. This programme is the most advanced part of our Coaching Accreditation Process and is designed to maintain success and development in schools. A coaching ethos that is truly embedded in an organisation, strengthens effective leadership and grows the quality of Teaching and Learning.

The OPC:

  • Provides a professional audit so delegates can reflect on and demonstrate the very best standards of coaching.
  • Provides a forum to work collaboratively with colleagues, giving delegates the opportunity to facilitate their ideas and establish networks to continue to practice and develop their skills.
  • Ensures that coaching strategies can be designed, implemented and embedded in schools and that delegates will have advanced awareness of this process and their responsibilities. They will utilise their knowledge and expertise of coaching to work with colleagues in formal and informal situations.
  • Gives colleagues the understanding and range of models and coaching systems, ensuring the impact of each session is maximised in this way.
  • Accredits delegates to represent OLEVI externally across the Alliance.


This programme is open to anyone who has completed the APOC and wants to develop and grow their coaching skills and knowledge to drive any school forward. 


OPC is dramatically improving the performance of coaching delegates and, in turn, those individuals they are responsible for. Many schools are now creating formal coaching structures within departments and across federations, the coaching sessions are given the recognition they deserve and their impact becomes more evident. High quality coaches also seek out opportunities to develop colleagues in more informal situations and even though these corridor conversations are less structured, the resulting actions can be equally powerful. The more we coach others and are receiving quality coaching, the more the ability to self-coach becomes manifest. This approach helps to analyse issues and opportunities in new ways and reflect on the most suitable course of action.

“It’s most developmental experience I have had in my 11-year career, focusing and enriching my practice. I regularly use the tools and strategies learnt on the programme to develop my coaching team.” 

Nicki Smith, Head of whole-school coaching,
Hayes School

“It was transformational. It has enabled me to grow as a wife, parent, colleague and facilitator. In particular my ability to employ my deep listening skills, question effectively and engage in purposeful dialogue has developed my leadership at all levels”

Ros Bartlett, former Director of Teaching School, and Assistant Headteacher, The Earl’s High School


This 1 day facilitated programme is proceeded with delegates coaching two people for a series of sessions, and receiving coaching from one of the team. On the day delegates will complete a Coaching Assessment Portfolio. This portfolio will record their reflections on the impact of their coaching and articulate their understanding of outstanding coaching. Afterwards, a 30-minute VIVA VOCE will be arranged (normally during a phone call) with Richard Lockyer, to review the thinking in the delegate’s Portfolio. After successful completion, delegates will be accredited as an OLEVI Professional Coach.


£350 (excluding VAT) per delegate. 

OLEVI Professional Coach flyer

OLEVI Professional Coach flyer