OLEVI Professional Facilitator (OPF)

Professional Facilitators have a deep understanding of the thinking behind the OLEVI Facilitation models, so they can facilitate to the highest standard. You will be taught how to develop and implement a strategy to embed a highly effective facilitation culture across specific schools and trusts; and represent yourself as a Professional Facilitator in any organisation.

This programme consists of 2 focused sessions with a series of post session challenges, completed over a 6-week period.  The sessions are run over a ½ day + ½ day + 1 hour Viva Voce format. The programme has been designed for delivery online.

In addition to the AOFP and OFP accreditation, full attendance of this programme will provide you with a range of complex and innovative strategies to professionalise your facilitation; and ensure you can lead and embed a culture of facilitation and growth across organisations.

£495 per delegate (ex VAT)


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