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Outstanding Teacher Programme PLUS (OTP PLUS)

Outstanding Teacher Programme PLUS (OTP PLUS) iconBuilding on the internationally successful Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP), the OTP PLUS has been carefully designed to further develop these truly outstanding teachers: their classroom practice, their depth and understanding of coaching, and their ability to lead and grow the quality of their colleagues’ practice. The programme is led by highly skilled and experienced OLEVI facilitators who are able to model and develop in others, the most impactful areas of teaching practice with the strongest research backing. 


Objectives of the Outstanding Teacher Progamme PLUS

As a result of the OTP PLUS, delegates are expected to:

  • Further develop their own classroom practice. 
  • Be able to role-model the most complex, nuanced and impactful aspects of teaching and learning in and beyond the classroom.
  • Grow their leadership skills (through action research along with their ‘Learning 3’). 
  • Develop their understanding and practice of coaching.
  • To teach their new and existing learning to other team members.
  • Share their knowledge of best practice across whole schools.
  • Improve the educational offer to pupils, within and beyond their classroom.

The programme is a key part of the OLEVI portfolio of school-to-school support which is helping to increase capacity and drive up standards in schools. Among many benefits, this programme helps the most outstanding teachers and leaders of teaching and learning to become even more skilled in their craft, and build their capacity to grow others.   

The Outstanding Teacher Programme PLUS:

  • Provides an Audit of Professional Skills to track delegates’ growth throughout the programme.
  • Assists delegates to capture their most effective techniques and practices developed through their own informal action research.  
  • Includes two dedicated coaching sessions to enhance the delegates’ understanding and effective practice of coaching.
  • Supports delegates in successfully leading their ‘Learning 3s’.
  • Grows delegates confidence and practice of coaching to drive the effective use of coaching across the school more widely.


This programme is open to teachers, leaders of teaching & learning and educational practitioners who are already regarded by others as outstanding in their practice, but who still want to grow and learn with other excellent professionals.  

Applicants for the OTP PLUS:-

  • Must have already attended either the Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) or be a trained OLEVI facilitator (OFP)
  • Are securely outstanding teachers (in terms of both pupil outcomes and observed teaching practice)
  • Have proven their ability to successfully lead others and affect change
  • Can show impact of empowering others through their coaching practice
  • Are expected to be highly reflective and deep thinkers
  • Should be comfortable in receiving and giving high quality professional challenge
  • Are seen as one of the highest performing teachers in their organisation

Wider Impact

The programme expects to achieve the following for the schools who engage with it:-

  • Contribution to, or has begun the process of, achieving ‘meaningful change’ (as defined by your delegate)
  • Better collaboration within and between staff and students 
  • Further embedded coaching culture in the school (not just a ‘thing that is done’)
  • Promoting the most effective learning behaviours for staff and students 
  • Greater leadership of processes which promote development of teaching & learning (and sustain it)
  • Grow the top performers and their ability to take (motivate, inspire and challenge) others with them


Schools are encouraged to send delegates at least in pairs, to ensure both delegates can challenge and support each other back in their schools for greater impact. 

Each delegate will be expected to lead their own ‘Learning 3’ back in school; thus, two other teachers, who are not on the programme, will be a part of the ongoing programme and should also benefit from it, along with their pupils. 

By the end of the programme, all delegates will be expected to present to the rest of their cohort the progress they have made in their own classroom practice, as well as the progress they have seen in their colleagues’ practice, along with the methods and processes which effectively promoted impact.

Headteachers and SLTs of schools are expected to support their delegates in all aspects of the programme to ensure maximum opportunity to engagement and learn. This includes the meaningful changes delegates choose to pursue during the programme. 

Proposed Structure (this will vary slightly amongst providers)

Week 1: Programme Induction (am) and Coaching 1 (pm) (full day)
Week 2: Coaching 2 (full day) ‘Coaching for meaningful change’
Week 3: T & L Session 1 (half day) Collaboration 
Week 4: In School Practice
Week 5: T & L Session 2 (half day) Metacognition & Self-regulation
Week 6: In School Practice
Week 7: T & L Session 3 (half day) Feedback
Week 8: In School Practice
Week 9: T & L Session 4 (half day) Mastery
Week 10: Final Session (half day) Impact & Celebration


RRP £650 (+or-5% excluding VAT) per delegate. 

Outstanding Teacher Programme PLUS FlyerClick to download PDF of OTP PLUS flyer