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The OLEVI Induction Day

This is a one day programme designed for non-teaching staff who have important roles in the successful running and promoting of the OLEVI programmes. The programme will enable key people in your school/organisation to fully understand the ethos and language of the OLEVI programmes, so that key concepts and understanding of the OLEVI model do not get missed.

This will help to ensure that programmes are achieving their full potential including: the number of delegates attending, the selection criteria of delegates, the programmes’ profitability and, most importantly, create the impact that the programmes have on teaching and learning.

The programme is designed to achieve the following:

  • Deepen the understanding of non-facilitators on the OLEVI ethos and concepts.
  • Support non-facilitators through any misconceptions around OLEVI Programmes.
  • Give non-facilitators the language and understanding to organise and fill successful programmes.
  • Improve the relationships between facilitation schools and their partner schools.
  • Allow non-facilitators to establish their own next-steps in relation to ambassadorship, credibility, profitability and impact of their schools and programmes.


All non-teaching staff who are responsible  for the successful running and promoting of the OLEVI programmes.


“I cannot see how you can successfully organise the smooth running of a programme without understanding how the programme runs. I can honestly say that the OLEVI concept Day would have been massively appreciated during my introduction to the programmes. Enabling me to gain an understanding of the background of the OTP and ITP, the fundamentals behind OLEVI and gaining an awareness and knowledge of teacher environments and terminology would have been a hugely beneficial experience for me.”

Rachael Shotton,  Assistant to Teaching School, Ivybridge Community College


One full day. 9.30am -4.00pm


Current licensed member schools are allocated one FREE place.
Cost of additional places and to those who are not OLEVI members: £185 per delegate (plus VAT)