The OLEVI approach establishes an improved culture of knowledge sharing. Recognising differentiation and dealing with it effectively.

Visiting Nigerian Delegate

Gave me time to think and reflect on where are we now. Particularly in terms of knowledge, moral purpose, social and organisation.

OLP Delegate

The opportunities to review aspects of pedagogy, which we know have an impact on learning in the classroom, to observe the students and teachers at The Earls and to carry out Joint Practice Development back at school have been greatly beneficial to our teachers. We will, because of this impact, be looking to place more staff on these programmes in the future.

Deputy Head, Swindon Academy

I have found a whole new enthusiasm for how I approach work. I now believe in myself and I am more aware of how I encourage children to develop their learning.

OTAP Delegate

I particularly enjoyed the sessions on coaching as it provided me with an effective and non-directive leadership model... it offers you the challenge and stimulus to raise your practice.

OTP Delegate

At OLEVI we transform cultures to enable teachers and young people to thrive and succeed.


High Performing People,
Transforming Cultures

At OLEVI we transform cultures to enable teachers and young people to thrive and succeed.

Who are we?

The OLEVI community creates high performing professionals who – by harnessing our powerful learning Programmes – lead the transformation of Practice, Approach and Culture, so other practitioners and pupils continually improve.

The OLEVI approach establishes an improved culture of knowledge sharing. Recognising differentiation and dealing with it effectively.

Visiting Nigerian Delegate

OLEVI is the UK’s Number One Awarding Organisation for the Accreditation of Educational Coaches and Facilitators


schools and trusts across over 38 countries


OLEVI Facilitation Centres


OLEVI Designated Centres of Excellence


high-quality professional learning programmes


accredited educational coaches and facilitators


of OLEVI schools are judged good or outstanding by Ofsted or Estyn

What we do


“Coaching develops great teachers and leaders”

Why improve coaching?

Develop coaches who value, motivate, and empower your teachers and leaders to engage in professional learning and grow their effectiveness, leading to improved student attitudes and outcomes.

What do OLEVI coaches bring to a school?

  • Sustained school improvement
  • Higher pupil outcomes
  • Teachers who remain with you and grow
  • Empowered problem-solvers

How does OLEVI make it work?

OLEVI coaching programmes develop and empower teachers and leaders, so they make a significant and tangible difference to your school through:

  • Giving you the skills to coach
  • Proving what coaching can achieve
  • Creating a lasting coaching culture

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“Facilitators make change happen in schools”

Why improve facilitation?

Develop facilitators to become the driving force for change in your school, ensuring your strategies, school improvement plans and CPD achieve your school’s expectations.

What do OLEVI facilitators bring to a school?

  • Encourage learning throughout the school
  • Inspire staff to aim for high standards of teaching
  • Lead outstanding CPD
  • Boost teamwork to achieve a shared vision

How does OLEVI make it work?

OLEVI facilitation programmes enable high quality collaboration to be realised, bringing people together to achieve higher school outcomes through:

  • Building knowledge
  • Motivating colleagues
  • Championing teamwork

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“Great teachers consistently deliver great student outcomes, and also inspire other teachers to improve”

Why improve teaching & learning?

Develop your teaching staff into highly reflective, ambitious, and innovative practitioners with a strong pedagogical expertise, who create significant student impact and inspire other staff to improve.

What is the impact of the OLEVI teaching and learning programmes?

  • Deliver better pupil outcomes
  • Inspire great teaching
  • Develop expert support for teachers
  • Grow capable professionals

How do the OLEVI programmes work?

OLEVI teaching & learning programmes give a deeper understanding of the powerful pedagogy needed to make greater impact on the children they teach by:

  • Highlighting areas for development
  • Making measurable changes
  • Providing a whole school approach

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“Leaders with a vision drive change”

Why improve leadership?

Develop all leaders within your organisation to create a clear vision for the future and have the strategic thinking to effectively challenge and support others to achieve organisational goals and outcomes.

What is the impact of the OLEVI leadership programmes?

  • Create confident school leaders
  • Develop a clear vision for your school
  • Build leadership skills throughout the school
  • Champion positive change

How does OLEVI make it work?

OLEVI leadership programmes create leaders with the confidence and understanding to draw out the best in people and teams by:

  • Preparing people to think like leaders
  • Empowering staff to make a difference
  • Giving staff the skills to train others

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