Teaching and Learning

“Great teachers consistently deliver great student outcomes, and also inspire other teachers to improve”

Why improve teaching & learning?

Develop your teaching staff into highly reflective, ambitious, and innovative practitioners with a strong pedagogical expertise, who create significant student impact and inspire other staff to improve.

What is the impact of OLEVI teaching and learning programmes?

Deliver better pupil outcomes

Make a real difference to pupils’ lives.

“We believe our outstanding Ofsted grade for Teaching and Learning was a direct result of staff attending the programme.”

Kieran Osborne, Principal, Hayes School

Inspire great teaching

Enable staff to be the amazing teachers they set out to be.

“Attending the programme reignited my enthusiasm for the career I chose many moons ago!”

Menna J Roberts, Assistant Head, Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg Primary Phase

Develop expert support for teachers

Build a strong, skilful team of teaching assistants.

“The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme has proved to be the key to building a better more constructive working relationship between teaching assistant and teacher.”

Gabriel Calwell, Director of Teaching and Learning,
Bedford High School

Grow capable professionals

Give teachers the knowledge and skills to improve outcomes.

“Quite simply, the best CPD I have received in 20 years within teaching.”

Tom Roberts, Royal Wootton Bassett Academy

How do the OLEVI programmes work?

OLEVI teaching & learning programmes give a deeper understanding of the powerful pedagogy needed to make greater impact on the children they teach by:


Highlighting areas for development

Our programmes encourage your teachers to engage with the latest research, question their approaches and reflect on their strengths and development points. We show them how to identify ways to make sustainable improvements through our training and coaching sessions.


Making measurable changes

We spark discussions among your staff about what great teaching looks like and get everyone to commit to actions that they can take in a series of post-session challenges.


Providing a whole school approach

OLEVI Train the Trainer programmes create a shared language and share high impact processes to drive through improvements in teaching and learning, no matter the context. We give your teachers the skills to take the lead and deliver our programmes across your school or trust.

Our teaching and learning programmes

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP)

Outstanding teaching assistants are deeply reflective, confident, and creative through gaining a deeper understanding of high-quality classroom pedagogy. They will develop the attributes to make a significant impact on the outcomes of, and relationships with, both pupils and colleagues.

Creative Teacher Programme (CTP)

You will become a more reflective and creative professional, gaining a deeper understanding of high-impact pedagogy that ensures significant improvement in the experience and outcomes of pupils.

Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)

You will gain a deeper understanding of the latest innovative pedagogy and develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to make a significant impact on their pupils and inspire others to improve their practice and approach within a coaching culture.

Our teaching and learning thinking

Would our programmes benefit your school?

  • Are you looking to improve teaching and learning?
  • Do want to create a shared agreement of what good looks like in your school?
  • Do you want your teachers to challenge themselves to be the best they can be?
  • Do you want your teaching assistants to work more effectively with your teachers?
  • Do you want your staff to learn from each other?

Then an OLEVI teaching and learning programme can help.

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Why work with OLEVI?

  • The OLEVI Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) is one of the best known and most respected CPD programmes in the UK.
  • OLEVI programmes were key to the nationally renowned, system-wide success since 2003 with the London Challenge.
  • We are making an impact on schools and trusts in more than 40 countries.
  • Find out how our teaching and learning programmes are making a difference.

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