The OLEVI Team

Richard Lockyer

Chief Executive

Richard has been at the forefront of educational leadership and innovation for more than 25 years. His cutting-edge theories, conceptual models and learning programmes have transformed the practice, approach, and culture of countless educational institutions. He loves working with school and system leaders to challenge the system and drive-up standards.

Damian Mitchelmore

Managing Director

Damian joined the OLEVI team in 2017 after almost 12 years, as a teacher and deputy headteacher. Damian utilised the OLEVI programmes and principles to transform the school culture and achieve Outstanding in its recent inspection. He is passionate about empowering high performing people to lead change and improve outcomes of all students. He is a great facilitator and coach.

Jeanette Lockyer

Operations Director

Jeanette joined OLEVI 8 years ago having enjoyed a career in Social Services where she qualified as a Social Worker. Her passion for high quality education combined with her own personal organisational skills have enabled over 2000 facilitators/coaches a year to be trained to facilitate/coach over 8000 delegates a year in our TLC Programmes.

Mark Northwood

Finance Director

Mark has worked in business for over 35 years and joined OLEVI over 5 years ago. He brought his accumulated knowledge and experience to the organisation and has assisted in our current growth and success. A finance specialist and number cruncher who thrives on and enjoys working in the fast-moving educational sector.

Mona Bhatti

Business Manager

Having worked as a Risk Underwriter for a Credit Insurance company for 17 years, Mona took a career break to look after her young family. Mona joined OLEVI ten years ago and has not looked back. She loves working and supporting our OLEVI people and places, helping them achieve their vision using OLEVI’s TLC model of school and organisational improvement.

Viv Emery

Communications Manager

Viv oversees all communication with delegates and information management at OLEVI. Before joining the team, Viv has worked in various sectors, from finance to medicine. Highly organised and thorough, Viv is committed to ensuring delegates receive a 5-star service throughout their learning and accreditation journey with OLEVI.

Professor, Sir George Berwick CBE

OLEVI Strategic Advisor

Building on his 20-year success as Headteacher of a consistently outstanding School, Sir George’s methodology is now improving schools across the world.

Since co-founding OLEVI in 2009 with Richard, he has also founded and been CEO of Challenge Partners. Sir George’s impact received official recognition when he was knighted for his services to education in 2013.

Working with George keeps you challenged, thinking and motivated to create significant and valuable change. We thank him for all the years of dedication to improving education.

Becca Lockyer

Executive Assistant

Becca is a highly engaging and deeply creative being, enjoying gaining new skills and mastering the promotion marketing side of OLEVI.

She is a valuable and energetic new member of the team, who adds a design flair and a youthful perspective to all.

We wish her every success in any one of her chosen vocations whether it be in music, drama or psychology when she moves on to university or a prestigious music conservatoire.

Sam Chapman

Executive Assistant

Sam is a highly confident, outgoing young man. He is mature beyond his years and is extremely ambitious for the future. He has a passion and a thirst for knowledge.

His work ethic is of the highest order which is shown in his ability to throw himself into any role or task. He is a much-welcomed addition to our team.

We wish him success in any one of his chosen vocations whether it be law, journalism, or psychology in the future, when he moves on to university.

Our Professional Coaches and Facilitators

Cynthia Symon OPC, OPF

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

As a School Improvement Partner for Ministry of Defence Schools, Cynthia experienced at first hand, the “transformational and hugely positive impact the programmes had across the organisation world-wide.”

This experience has shaped her as a Lead Facilitator for OLEVI and strengthened her commitment to empower people and places to grow exceptional practitioners, coaches, and leaders, to ensure outstanding outcomes for children and young people. She believes “there is a powerful ethos underpinning the programmes, which inspires delegates to move forward in their practice and supports dynamic culture change in schools and organisations.”

Nikki Meredith OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

Nikki has been involved in facilitating OLEVI programmes for 10 years. At the same time, she was a senior leader in one of the highest performing schools in the Black Country. She plays a leading role in the growth of OLEVI worldwide, including across the Middle East. She values the opportunity to meet so many dedicated and inspiring professionals.

According to Nikki, “I can guarantee you will be challenged to think and reflect on the exciting new learning you and your group will be immersed in, and consequently be inspired to take action to embed this within your own and your colleagues’ practice!”

Liz Rew OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

As an OLEVI Professional Coach and Facilitator, Liz has allowed participants to grow, through collaboration, reflection, self-evaluation, and contextualised application.

According to Liz “facilitating programmes has been both a pleasure and an invaluable learning experience for me, as a facilitator and, I believe, for the delegates. Supporting colleagues to grow and develop a coaching culture across their organisation through programmes has been a privilege, enhancing my powers of reflection and self-evaluation as I strive to become a more effective leader.”

Stephen Edgell OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

With 35 years’ experience in a variety of educational settings, including as a director of a Teaching School, Stephen joined the OLEVI team and is passionate on growing the profession, so that children and young people have the absolute best life chances.

Built on quality and integrity, he believes “OLEVI responds to the many changes and challenges in the Educational Sector in ways which both inspire and ensure impact… Facilitating those opportunities is a powerful privilege and a responsibility that I love!”

Dr Anne Le Baigue OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

A former assistant headteacher, Anne is now the Lead Schools Direct Mentor across a large multi academy trust; Assessor for the Chartered College of Teaching; and a one of our Lead Facilitators.

Anne believes the OLEVI Suite of Programmes “make a difference to practice, no matter the professional’s experience or expertise. From Headteachers, to ECTs, to Teaching Assistants, everyone can benefit from the careful blending of collaboration, coaching, accountability, and innovative practice to create a dynamic learning experience.”

Chris McGeehan OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

After experiencing the impact of OLEVI programmes first-hand as a delegate, Chris left his middle leadership post in a primary school and joined the team in 2013.

He believes “the OLEVI suite of programmes and coaching ensure that people and places can collaborate highly effectively, leading to a unique dynamic where motivated and empowered educators create powerful learning experiences for students and colleagues.”

Helen Reynolds OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

A former assistant- and headteacher at a range of primary schools in Hertfordshire, Helen is passionate about embedding high-impact pedagogy in every classroom in the country, so all students receive a first class learning and thinking experience. She sees coaching as one of the most powerful levers schools and school leaders must create, keep, and empower teachers to deliver this for students and young people.

Ros Bartlett OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

“In working with schools through facilitation of OLEVI programmes and my role as a professional coach, I have seen the development of quality leadership at all levels.” Ros has been a valued member of the OLEVI community for over 15 years. Her rigour and challenge have ensured OLEVI programmes have had a huge impact across Welsh schools and beyond, improving the experiences and outcomes of 10,000s of students and young people.

Paul Day OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

As an assistant headteacher at Royal Wotton Bassett Academy and Hub Manager for the Challenge Partners hub of 26 schools, “OLEVI has been the single most important part of not only my development as a leader but also that of the schools I work with.”

Paul values OLEVI’s unique approach to professional learning and culture change. “It empowers people to reflect, think and grow… making significant impact on not just their practice but that of their teams and organisations.”

Jamie Tegerdine OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

As the Teaching and Learning Lead across Diverse Academies Trust, Jamie utilises OLEVI’s suite of programmes to drive improvements in teaching practice and culture of all teachers. “Facilitating OLEVI programmes has been a huge privilege, seeing the ‘life-changing’ impact they can have on delegates”.

Jamie is relishing the opportunity to share his experience and expertise with schools and school leaders beyond the Trust as a Lead OLEVI Facilitator.

Angela Jenkins OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

Angela has worked for First Federation Trust since 2004 as senior leader, headteacher, Teaching School Director and now Director of Performance and Development. She has worked with OLEVI for many years, leading its accreditation as a Designated OLEVI Centre of Excellence in 2014.

Angela is passionate about school improvement, develop teachers and building leadership capacity in aspiring leaders. Angela now facilitates many of our leadership programmes across the country.

Anna Cavanagh OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

Simon Thompson OPC, OFP

OLEVI Professional Coach & Facilitator

Gerlinde Achenbach OPC

OLEVI Professional Coach

Gerlinde Achenbach FCCT is a Senior Consultant in school improvement with expertise in developing inclusive school cultures. A former SE London primary Headteacher, with a career in primary education spanning over thirty years, Gerlinde has used long used coaching as a powerful tool to develop and nurture leaders at all levels.

As an Olevi Professional Coach, Gerlinde works with leadership colleagues across the field of education to build their effectiveness, realise their ambition and lead with humility and integrity.

In her own words: “Being a Headteacher and senior leader for many years has taught me the importance of developing and valuing your team, the strength of collaboration, the power of distributed leadership and the value of leading with humility and empathy. I’ve seen at first hand how a culture of coaching can transform a school into a place of shared purpose, belonging, reflective practice and deep commitment to lifelong learning.”

To work with Gerlinde, get in touch at: