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OLEVI DOCs continue on their quest for excellence

This March, our Ashton-on-Mersey Designated Olevi Centre (DOC) hosted the second of our OLEVI DOC Days. It was another fantastic opportunity for our DOCs to get together and work collaboratively on thoughts around the next steps in growing the OLEVI ethos around the TLC Model.

Our group participated in a ‘Learning walk’ around Ashton-on-Mersey School, experiencing the OLEVI principles and ethos in action. This was greatly appreciated by the people running the newer OLEVI DOCs, who could see how the DOCs role was far more than that of a facilitation school. As one of our flagship partners Ashton-on-Mersey role-models our collaborative approach, utilising our TLC Model to great effect, benefitting staff and students.

Members of our OLEVI DOCs enjoying getting together for the second OLEVI DOC Day

Members of our OLEVI DOCs enjoying getting together for the second OLEVI DOC Day

Paul Day, Lead Practitioner for Teacher Development, Royal Wotton Bassett, gave a presentation on what it had meant to his school on becoming a DOC. “We started facilitating OLEVI programmes in 2011 and have been a DOC for 14 months. The transition from facilitation school to DOC was initially about being able to facilitate more of the OLEVI programmes. However, we now know it is much more than this. Being a DOC is about having the commitment to have an impact on others – the moral purpose, the conceptualisation, the understanding of the schools that we work with and the long-term impact of what we do.”The day also saw Chris McGhee, Lead Facilitator, Jariram, give a taste of the level of thinking and challenge that we want to promote through our new OTP Plus Programme, due to be launched later this year. The programme is aimed at OTP delegates who want to move on with the CPD on a personal level.

Karen Hughes, Quality Assurance Consultant at OLEVI, shared with the group the key points from the QA feedback that allow us to develop the effectiveness of the facilitation of others.

“Another productive day working with our DOCs. Always challenging and rewarding be get together to push the boundaries to ensure we continue to improve the learning outcomes of our student” said Richard Lockyer, “We look forward seeing you all again at The Earls High, in July.”

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