Transforming practice, approach and culture, enabling long-term improvement, is incredibly complex and challenging.

For us this is underpinned by our four values:


Through deep reflection, challenge and coaching, we ensure clarity, confidence and drive, creating a momentum for individuals and teams.


By ensuring meaningful relationships and purposeful interactions, we enable complex ideas to be explored and tailored support to be provided.


By establishing a shared language and common ethos, we galvanise our community to harness its collective wisdom and raise asiprations.


By shifting mindsets whilst deepening knowledge and skills, we inspire continual and significant long-term improvement.

For these to be happen, we believe the right conversations and interactions need to be consistently taking place.

These are embodied by DR ICE:
Deepening Thinking, Role-Modelling the Learning Processes; Impacting on Progress; Challenging Expectations; and Engaging in Learning.


Over the past 15 years, we have utilised the OLEVI approach to ensure:

  • The intent behind ‘the project’ is developed during a Strategy Meeting, and then understood and committed to by all stakeholders.
  • The implementation of our iconic, research-informed programmes and ever-expanding suite of short modules and units develop the three symbiotic areas of professional practive: teaching and learning, leadership, and coaching.
  • The impact is regularly evaluated with your own OLEVI Project Manager via our quality assurance process; recognised through our accreditation process and ‘moved on’ through our continual learning syllabus for facilitators and coaches.

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