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Outstanding Leadership in Education Train the Trainers

OLE-TTTThe Outstanding Leadership in Education Train the Trainers® is part of the nationally acclaimed suite of programmes that make up the OLEVI Teaching & Learning, Leadership and Coaching Syllabus (TLC). This programme enables senior leaders in organisations to facilitate the OLE with other aspiring leaders in education, in order to promote collaborative and outstanding leadership both inside the classroom and across organisations.


The Train the Trainer Programme will:

  • accredit leaders to facilitate the OLE in their schools
  • deepen understanding of facilitation and enable a range of experiences for delegates
  • give a comprehensive understanding of the OLEVI ethos so that effective role-modelling can be achieved
  • challenge expectations of leadership in education and help build a coaching ethos to support change
  • improve the quality and consistency of your leadership and ensure your ability to facilitate the growth of leadership around you
  • build learning partnerships between key team players, who will strategically support the leadership of teaching and learning
  • ensure your staff develop the key skills to facilitate, lead, focus and coach colleagues and pupils effectively

The programme is a key part of the OLEVI portfolio of school-to-school support, which is helping to increase capacity and drive up standards in all schools. Among many benefits, this programme helps schools to work more effectively as a whole school team and enhance professional culture, as well as improve their collaboration with other schools and organisations.

Outstanding Leadership in Education®

The programme is activity based and interactive with theory interjected through the analysis of a Professional Audit and the completion of a Personal Action Plan. There will be the opportunity for delegates to have access to a mentor/coach, within their school, to move their leadership forward.

This programme was developed and piloted in 2007 and has become a very successful tool for many schools at many different levels of leadership: Senior Leadership, Middle Leadership and New Leaders in Role. Many schools have embedded the principles in the student/pupil body when developing young leaders.


  • Is already an accredited facilitator (Otherwise day 1 of OLE TTT must be attended)
  • Outstanding Senior leader who implicitly role models the desired professional qualities for others
  • Received endorsement from their Head Teacher on their leadership ability.
  • Understands and values coaching as an effective approach to leadership

Evaluation and Impact

“The programme developed my thinking about leadership and my role. It has prepared me to facilitate the OLE and SOLE programme, and see how I can adapt aspects of the OLE to provide quality CPD for middle leaders. I will use PAFF model as part of the self evaluation process and utilise models with our teaching and learning team as part of our review process.”


“The programme has given me time to reflect on my practice; looking at my leadership and the importance of vision and strategic planning”


“The TLC model summarises three key elements within a successful school. It has reminded me of the importance of coaching principles at all levels of school life.”


“Made me think about how important it is to have a ‘pure’ knowledge of teaching and learning pedagogy, leadership and coaching.”

OLE TTT Delegates, Cardiff High School 


The OLE TTT is a three day programme (2 days for those already accredited OLEVI facilitators)

Head teachers are asked to send a minimum of two delegates, preferably three, to build capacity for the programme delivery. We would be happy to discuss individual requirements.

Schools/organisations wishing to facilitate the OLE need to be licenced with OLEVI. Please refer to the OELVI Annual Membership Licence, which is available in the Resource section on our website: www.OLEVI.com

For schools running this programme, the quality and impact of provision will be considered as part of the annual QA visit (as per membership agreement).


RRP £680 (excluding VAT) per delegate

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