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We are delighted to have colleagues from the MOD schools from around the world present at the the OLEVI International Conference. They will be showcasing how their engagement with the OLEVI ethos and collaborative approach has helped them fulfil their school improvement vision.

With schools spread across the globe, it has been essential for the MOD to adopt a system of collaborative learning that transgresses borders and ensures a common level of learning regardless of geographical location.

The regular transit of both staff and pupils make it vital to introduce the mechanism of a common language, shared vision and cultural approach. Through this, consistency and therefore standards of teaching and learning are maintained. Moreover, it ensures transitions run as smoothly as possible.

Since the very first facilitation of our OTP and OFP to MOD schools in Germany five years ago, the organisation has gone on to utilise the facilitation of the teaching & learning and coaching aspects of our TLC syllabus.

Through their engagement with the OLEVI ethos, principles and learning models over the years, the MOD schools have created a collaborative, open-door approach towards the professional development of their teaching community around the world, which in turn has been instrumental in growing a cohesive culture across the school network.

More recently the MOD has initiated the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP) following the success of a pilot project in Brunei. This aims to provide all its schools with the ability to develop the professional practice of their learning assistants (LAs), enabling a cohesive approach across all MOD schools, to ensure that learning support assistants have access to quality training which supports an understanding of the key principles, models, pedagogy and culture underpinning the OLEVI Teaching and Learning programmes.

Strategically, the recently introduced SOLE programme has identified key players to support the vision of growing and empowering others through a coaching culture in MOD schools, and to create opportunities for open professional discussions in relation to leadership at all levels of teaching and learning.

Leadership development was seen as the last piece of the puzzle for the MOD schools, and they were very excited about having the ability to develop leadership potential within their schools.


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