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OLEVI Conference: Why now?

Richard Lockyer, CEO, OLEVI International, looks ahead to the inaugural OLEVI International Conference.

The OLEVI journey has been 15 years in the making, and during that time we have helped to shape the educational landscape and usher in a new standard of teaching.

At no point, however, have both national and international members of our OLEVI community come together to discuss, evaluate and celebrate their achievements. Until now.

On October 10 the first OLEVI International Conference will take place. More than 100 of you will be attending, each having experienced the OLEVI journey in your own unique way, and across a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

While the conference will provide an opportunity for us to gather and share our knowledge, it is also important that we look to the future as we innovate and adapt to modern learning methods and mediums.

We will use the conference to launch the National and International Alliance, which consists of OLEVI people – in other words, yourselves. The Alliance exists to set a standard of performance across the profession and has its roots in the days when OLEVI was known as the Thinking and Learning Schools’ Alliance.

The conference has a central focus – to improve our leadership of teaching & learning through the development of high-quality coaching. We will examine the most effective teaching and coaching strategies and most importantly, discuss how these can be developed over the next five years.

Our two main speakers, Professor Peter Matthews OBE and Sarah Urquhart will deliver two keynote speeches: Great Teaching, Great Results and Great Coaching, Great Results. Following the speeches, delegates will be given the opportunity to attend table sessions where they can explore and reflect on the issues raised and relate them to their individual spheres of work.

A series of six case studies provided by leaders of the OLEVI International Partnership Organisations will provide practical insight into methods used by people to address challenges faced by them and bring about excellence in Teaching & Learning, and Coaching.

We hope the conference will provide you with a greater level of knowledge and understanding of the future of education. We hope you will also have been inspired by practical examples of the methods used by our partners to create excellence from coaching to improve Teaching & Learning.

I look forward to meeting you all there.

For more information about the conference please contact mona.bhatti@olevi.com


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