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As preparations are made for a return to school …

As preparations are made for a return to school, elementary pupils appear to have been designated as the first wave, amid social distancing policies and union calls for safety first. Don’t even mention risk assessments. Professor Sir George Berwick, OLEVI Chair gives this week’s Global Update Global Update England On last Sunday evening The Prime […]

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The Growth of The London West Hub and OLEVI DOC

A culture of co-operation lies at the heart of the Challenge Partners hubs, the success of which has been proven time and time again. Back at the beginning, Professor Sir George Berwick, OLEVI Chair,  recalls that they started with only six schools across London, each committed to sharing the secrets of its success. Here we […]

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Schools begin to look beyond lockdown

It looks as if we could finally be coming out of the other side of the pandemic, and governments worldwide are beginning to ease lockdown restrictions on their populations. Here Professor Sir George Berwick, OLEVI Chair, takes a look at what our colleagues are doing to prepare for a return to some semblance of normality. […]

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It’s time to embrace necessary change

These extraordinary times call for swift adaptation of standard processes, all the more difficult in a disjointed environment when colleagues and students are often physically miles apart. However, the path to change is as easy as taking the first step, and it is helped by adopting a procedure. ‘When do you think you (and your […]

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It’s time for a coffee

Peaks, we are told, have been passed and there is a glimmer of hope emerging that we could be over the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. As schools around the world prepare to return to lessons, we take a look at the issues that might arise. Professor Sir George Berwick, OLEVI Chair, shares his thoughts […]

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‘Saying YES to one thing means saying NO to another’. How are your boundaries?

Following a productive zoom meeting this week, during which the timer ended far before the enthusiasm, creativity and discussion, Nicki Smith, Lead Facilitator and an OLEVI Professional Coach, reflected on how her boundaries are being challenged at the moment, and the opportunity for her, and us, to learn and grow. After a month of lockdown, […]

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