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Building a legacy…The Thinking & Learning Professional Alliance

Driving innovation in education.

We have always maintained a firm belief that; when a group of highly motivated and talented professionals come together, you shape the future of education and ensure Excellence. No doubt you have already experienced this through the friendships you have formed with other professionals whilst engaging in our programmes.

We have taken this one step further and are proud to introduce you to the Thinking & Learning Professional Alliance (theTLPA).

This new and exclusive community is where you can reflect, challenge and drive innovation in education with others who, like you, are also open to change.

To become an Associate Member you can go to www.thetlpa.com to subscribe online and join the discussions, share your thoughts and contribute ideas to impact on learning. Full Members also have opportunities to attend face-to-face events and to access a network of highly motivated professionals who are driven by the development of teaching and learning, leadership and coaching.

Facilitators can also encourage delegates to join. This will enable them to continue their engagement in Excellence; share their Golden Nuggets, and their thinking and learning on different teaching, leadership and coaching models, with other education professionals nationally and internationally.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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