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Challenge Partners sees increased demand for teacher development programmes

logoLast year we announced OLEVI’s sponsorship of Challenge Partners and are delighted that this school-led collaboration has gone from strength to strength, with an increase from 70 schools to 180 schools within the partnership in the space of one year!

Schools within Challenge Partners are united by their core common purpose. This provides the foundation for collaborative school-to-school work, sharing best practice and raising the quality of teaching to improve the learning outcomes of all children, ensuring that each generation of pupils achieves more than the one before.

We are thrilled that as the key component of raising teaching standards the schools have chosen to provide professional development through OLEVI’s Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP).

This Autumn term saw a marked increase in the demand for places on the ITP and OTP delivered through Challenge Partners. In addition, there has been an overwhelming demand for OLEVI’s Outstanding Facilitation Programme (OFP) by members who have already completed their OTP and want to be able to deliver the ITP and OTP programmes themselves.

QA review a success

We are delighted that the QA Peer Review model developed with OLEVI for Challenge Partners has been such a success. The Review has become highly regarded by all the schools within the partnership, who value it as a mechanism by which schools can annually review their own self-assessment and quality assurance mechanisms.

The great strength of the Review lies in the fact that it is a peer review, with a collaborative and developmental approach and not a top-down activity. Important too, is that the Review is developmental for teachers, providing constructive feedback which is integrated into the school’s everyday practice.

At a recent Review a headteacher said, “The review process enables you to learn from the school being reviewed but more importantly from the other members of the review team. The constant level of reflection facilitates very strong, analytical discussion, which consolidates understanding of Teaching and Learning and management issues, and subsequently the development and sharing of ideas that work.”

QA for challenge the gap

Following the success of the QA Peer Review, Olevi has been approached by Challenge Partners to lead the Quality Assurance for their Challenge the Gap programme.

Challenge the Gap is a whole school programme that is being developed by Challenge Partners’ schools to address one of the most challenging issues facing schools – ensuring that economic disadvantage does not become entrenched as lifelong disadvantage.

The programme started last June and will run for two years with OLEVI providing QA throughout the programme.

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