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Sharing a Vision

Earlier this month our DOC Leaders came together for our first DOC Conference Day to explore the question: What does it mean to be an effective DOC?

In typical OLEVI style we unpicked the DOCs’ role in engaging schools in the OLEVI ethos and programmes, and reflected on the impact and effectiveness DOCs have on growing excellence in teaching and learning within their regions. We saw how our TLC and DR ICE models, which form the foundation of the OLEVI ethos and values, provide a common language for a cohesive approach to CPD – reflected in the suite of OLEVI programmes – to maximise impact at all levels within the school environment.

There was much lively discussion around how effective the OLEVI programmes are as a conduit to stimulate change. The common language used, and promotion of a common moral purpose, has impact at many different levels and within many different contexts. To hear that pupils of one school use DR ICE themselves to evaluate their learning and challenge expectations was inspiring.

We examined the impact being a DOC had on their own school and how they, themselves, role-modelled the effectiveness of the OLEVI ethos and programmes to other schools within their region. We also explored how the DOCs, with their ability to facilitate the full suite of OLEVI programmes, could further develop and grow their relationships with other schools to impact on them too.

The day also provided the opportunity for our DOCs to come together and establish closer working relationships with one another and share and spread best practice. We were delighted to welcome members of our upcoming DOCs, whose enthusiasm and freshness, coupled with the experience and passion of our more established DOCs, made for some high level professional dialogue and some exciting plans for the future.

We concluded by looking at the importance of individuals, the people who make up the OLEVI network, and the knowledge and experience they have to share. Capturing their expertise to provide a legacy, and ensure continued benefit to those who come after, is the premise of the Teaching & Learning Professional Alliance (TLPA). Everyone was encouraged to become members, contribute their learning and build on it, to help shape the future of education and ensure excellence.

“It was a valuable and very worthwhile day,” said Richard Lockyer, CEO of OLEVI. ”It is always a joy to engage with like-minded individuals and feel inspired by the innovative thinking that comes from sharing conversations.” We look forward to meeting everyone again for our second DOC Conference, to be hosted by Ashton-on-Mersey, in March 2016.

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