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Outstanding Leadership in Education programme used to develop and share vision

Royal Wootton Basset Academy utilises the Outstanding Leaders in Education programme to develop and share a vision across their partnership. Here, Paul Day, Leading Practitioner for Teacher Development, tells us a little about their thinking behind introducing OLE to the syllabus.


Delegates receive their certificates on successful completion of OLE.

“We initially looked to engage with the Outstanding Leaders in Education (OLE) and the Senior Outstanding Leaders in Education (SOLE) to fulfil the need within our partnership schools to develop middle and senior leaders. It was seen that having a common language amongst our leaders and would greatly impact our ability to understand and develop a vision across all of our partner schools. It would also ensure that a coherent approach was available, not only to the partnership as a whole, but in securing the separate identities of all of our schools within our partnership.

Over the last few years we have developed a strong reputation for our teaching and learning, and coaching development, and saw this as the logical step to enhance our leadership provision. Adopting the OLE has allowed us to fulfil all elements of the ‘TLC’ model and give all of the staff within our partnership the opportunity to grow in all areas of the model to develop them as all-round outstanding practitioners. We feel that this will help us to achieve our ultimate aim of every child in every one of our schools receiving an outstanding education.”

Here is what some of the delegates said about the programme:

“I feel more confident as a leader and I have been encouraged to become more reflective as a leader. Having an awareness that some members of staff need more support and knowing that I can effectively role-model this has been a big boost.”


“It has been so useful to have dedicated time as a leader to focus on my role and how it impacts others. The use of the what/how model has given me the idea of instantly analysing what I’m doing and the impact it is having on my team.”


“This has been a great opportunity to share experiences and gain advice from other experienced middle leaders. I’ve challenged my understanding of what I do and what I need to do.”


“I feel as though I have been on a huge journey, and this hasn’t been the typical ‘course’ where you find only one thing to take away. I have found everything useful and will use it in my everyday leadership.”

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