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OTP PLUS: Growing truly exceptional teaching practitioners


First cohort of OTP PLUS facilitators ready to take teaching practice to the next level, left to right: OLEVI’s Eddie Hannifan with our Designated OLEVI People (DOPs); Ruth Ryan, Castle Academy; Stephen Edgell, Tendring Technology College; Patsy Jordan, Townley Grammar School; Paul Day, Royal Wootton Bassett Academy; Chris McGeehan, Jariram; Ros Bartlett; Angela Jenkins, Primary Excellence TS and Jamie Tegerdine, Tuxford Academy

First cohort of OTP PLUS facilitators ready to roll-out this much awaited follow-up to the nationally renowned Outstanding Teacher Programme, and take teaching practice to the next level.

At the end of the summer term lead facilitators from our DOCs and member schools came together to attend the first Outstanding Teacher Programme PLUS Train the Trainers (OTP PLUS TTT). The aim: to further develop the effectiveness and quality of teaching.

This three-day programme introduced some of our most experienced facilitators to the OTP PLUS programme, in readiness for it to be rolled out across our network in 2018/19.

The OTP PLUS programme consolidates what we have learnt from listening to the teaching profession in general, research evidence, and our OLEVI members discuss what is needed to grow the profession. It has been carefully designed to address the professional needs required to take teaching practice to the next level, and aims to develop truly outstanding teachers: their practice, their depth and understanding of coaching, and their ability to lead and grow the quality of their colleagues’ practice – to ensure a continuing improvement in what education offers pupils within and beyond their classroom.

During the three days our facilitators pushed the boundaries exploring how teachers challenge their methods and practices – to articulate the complex processes teachers go through (which they often do not even realise themselves) – and to crystallise what needs to happen to move teaching and learning forward.

The OTP PLUS programme gives those who have already attended the OTP, or are facilitators of the programme, the opportunity and time to build on what they already know, and, crucially it provides the next steps in becoming exceptional practitioners. It helps to unpick what this actually looks like and understanding how to put this into practice in the classroom.

The programme introduces new aspects around metacognition and self-regulation, and mastery. It also has a strong focus on building coaching skills and working in Trios (learning 3s) to ensure that knowledge and practice learned will cascade throughout schools. As advanced professional development the OTP PLUS programme has an explicit expectation that delegates will go away and lead ‘meaningful’ change to take students’ learning to new heights.

At the end of the three days our OTP PLUS TTT delegates came away excited about what the OTP PLUS can do for the profession. “Only in challenging thinking, and reflecting on what impact this has, can truly ‘meaningful change’ happen” said one. And, as Eddie Hannifan, OLEVI’s Director of Education, commented: “We would rather an OTP PLUS delegate leave the programme with more questions, than think they have learnt all they need to.”

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