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Launch of new programme – The OLEVI Concept Day

This spring saw the launch of a new OLEVI programme – The OLEVI Concept Day. Aimed specifically at the non-teaching staff who have important roles in the successful running and promoting of our programmes within their schools and alliances.

The programme will enable these key people to fully understand the ethos and language of the OLEVI programmes, ensuring that key concepts of the OLEVI Model are understood and recognised as integral to the effectiveness of the programmes and how they benefit a school’s teaching and learning.

On learning of the programme, Rachael Shotton, Assistant to Teaching School at Ivybridge Community College, said:

“I can honestly say that the programme you are offering would have been massively appreciated during my introduction to the programmes. It would have helped to have been introduced to the OLEVI programmes by OLEVI staff and also to have been given the chance to learn a bit of background knowledge, to be introduction to the resources required and why they are required.”

Previous to the programme’s launch, Rachael, who manages the organisation of the OTP and ITP, and oversees the commencement and smooth running of the OFP delivered to schools within her TSA, had the opportunity to sit in and be part of Day 1 of the OFP Programme.

“I found this beneficial in gaining an understanding on the background of the OTP and ITP, the fundamentals behind OLEVI, and also in gaining an awareness and knowledge of teacher environments and terminology,” she commented. “It was also a chance to hear opinions and thought processes of the delegates on the programme and a chance to see the facilitation by an experienced coach. I was also incorporated into the Learning Walks, which will also be a part of my role, having been a part of the discussions and activities surrounding this exercise I now have a wider understanding of why the Learning Walks are an important part of the programme”

“Having this introduction was a hugely beneficial experience for me. I cannot see how you can successfully organise the smooth running of a programme without understanding how the programme runs.”

The OLEVI Concept Day will be held at the Olevi Conference Centre on 5th May 2016.

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