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Increased investment in the professional development of TAs

As schools experience the positive impact the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP) is having on their teaching/learning assistants – and the resulting benefit to their pupils – there has been an increase in headteachers, teachers and TAs wanting to become facilitators of the programme.

Delegates receiving their OTAP TTT accreditation certificates

Delegates receiving their OTAP TTT accreditation certificates

The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme Train the Trainers (OTAP TTT) gives schools the ability to facilitate the OTAP to develop their own staff and share the benefits to others through school-to-school support.

Since the launch of OTAP TTT we have seen the benefit of the programme in promoting a better understanding of the role of the TA, with consequent improvement in the working relationships between TAs and other teaching staff. This in turn has helped foster more effective use of TAs as part of an teaching team and an appreciation of the impact TAs can have on students learning.

“The programme has given me a clear understanding of the OTAP Programme and facilitation methods. It has increased my awareness of the role of the TA, including the challenges faced by them in their everyday role.” commented one delegate.

Another delegate added: “The programme gave me lots of great ideas. I feel very excited by the opportunity to run the programme for TAs – who will benefit greatly. On a personal and professional level I will think more carefully about the contribution TAs make and how to really develop it.”

With the role of the teaching assistant evolving away from the one more traditionally used in classrooms, creating a greater understanding of how to use their skills more effectively will help ensure TAs can have a great impact on pupils’ attainment.

Our next OTAP TTT will be held at the Olevi Conference Centre on 17 – 19th May 2016.

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