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OLEVI making waves in Scotland

The Professional Learning Academy, North Ayrshire, becomes the first OLEVI Hub in Scotland.

Celebrating first OTP in Scotland

Celebrating OTP delegates in Scotland

A very dedicated and conscientious team of OLEVI facilitators has just grown in number recently. What makes this team unique is the fact that this is the first team to bring OLEVI programmes to teachers, leaders and classroom assistants in Scotland. The PLA (Professional Learning Academy) supports over fifty schools in North Ayrshire, and reading some of the feedback from the recent Outstanding Teacher Programme leaves us in no doubt as to why it is so highly regarded.

When asked ‘How has the programme benefited you?’, some delegates commented:

“This will not only impact on my own practice, but I will develop the same attitudes and cultures in the whole school staff.”


“Given me more confidence as a leader of learning. Helped me reflect on strengths and weaknesses. Provided a network of supportive, like-minded practitioners.”


“I feel much more confident in my teaching and have a different viewpoint on how I can be outstanding in the classroom and in the wider school community.”

When asked ‘How will you use what you have learnt?’, colleagues commented:

“Absolutely more reflective. I have much more confidence in my beliefs. I have more gumption to question, and to say what I feel; I may still not use particularly impressive vocabulary but I stand by what I feel more.”


“Plan and facilitate opportunities for deeper learning activities. Support colleagues towards more reflective practice.”


“I want to encourage a sharing culture in my school with peers and in class with my pupils.”

So many of the comments in the evaluations referred to taking what was learned and wanting to embed ideas within their schools/departments and classrooms. The danger with so many courses is the impact is short-lived. Here we can see the drive for sustainable development, utilising the collaborative and coaching skills enhanced on the programme.

It is no wonder head teachers from the delegate schools have fed back that staff are ‘raving’ about the programme and that interest around future programmes is growing.

It is always an absolute privilege to work with people and organisations who are so committed and passionate about high-quality education and building a collaborative, developmental culture. To the facilitators and delegates in North Ayrshire, welcome to the OLEVI Alliance.

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