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The TLC syllabus is being enhanced and expanded!

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we are launching a number of new units and modules that will further support, enhance and expand the professional development offer to our Alliance.

These additions maintain our values and proven approaches and incorporate new research-based learning and innovation, to stay at the forefront of educational thinking and to further develop reflective, deep-thinking, creative practitioners to grow a culture of life-long learning.

Developing the craft of teaching

New OFP unit on modelling

First of the new CTP/OTP Extra Modules on ‘Modelling’ was released this November

This autumn term saw the launch of our new Creative Teacher Programme (CTP) and enhanced Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP). The changes reflect the current need for teachers to design and deliver creative lessons and curriculum as well as engage with evidence-informed pedagogy like feedback and metacognition. Along with this we will be providing our facilitators with additional up-to-date materials known as the CTP and OTP EXTRA Modules.

These short programmes will be released over the course of the year, allowing colleagues to take part in quality professional thinking in areas of outstanding pedagogy beyond the five areas covered in the core programmes. The Modelling module was released this November, with other modules, including Explanation and Making Learning Stick, to follow.

All facilitators are invited, via email, to upload these additional resources to add to their facilitator’s toolkit. Please keep an eye on your inbox for the updates and check our blog section of the website where our lead facilitators will be presenting their thoughts around their themes and their impact on teaching and learning.

Read more: Chris McGeehan, Lead OLEVI Facilitator, reflects on how being able to effectively explain complicated concepts can make, or break, a learner’s ability to move forward – or to lose confidence and become disengaged.


Leadership development

In the new year, we will also be releasing a New Outstanding Leadership Learning Programme. This exciting programme will equip and empower teachers with the skills to lead pedagogy in their specialist area and to create, own and drive through an ambitious curriculum.


Coaching development

OPC Team coaching unit

New OPC unit: Group Coaching and Team Effectiveness

The Coaching syllabus has several new additions. There will be a new suite of one-day programmes for OLEVI Professional Coaches.

Each unit will focus on a specific area related to high performance, exploring the concepts behind this area, as well as providing practical models and resources that can be utilised. These areas include group coaching and team effectivenesstalent; and reinvention.

The first group coaching and team effectiveness unit will take place in February 2020.

Please contact Mona.Bhatti@olevi.com to book your place.

Read more:Would I want to work with a colleague like me?” Nicki Smith, OLEVI Lead Facilitator, reflects on how Group Coaching and Team Effectiveness could influence the answer.


Opportunity to access the apprenticeship levy for CPD

We have been working in partnership with City Skills to create the Advanced Skills Educational Coach Award. This builds on the Advanced Power of Coaching programme to meet the standards of the L4 assessor-coach apprenticeship, whilst allowing schools to access the apprenticeship levy to finance it rather than using normal school budgets.

In addition, we are currently designing additional advanced CPD programmes around coaching and leadership that can also be financed through the levy.

For more information on how your school can access funds from the apprenticeship levy, please contact damian.mitchelmore@olevi.com.


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