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Quality Assurance. What’s in it for me?

Q  Why is a Quality Assurance visit neccessary?

A  The quality of facilitation of a programme directly impacts on its success. As part of OLEVI’s licence agreement and the National College requirement all ITPs and OTPs need to be quality assured. This ensures the rigour, consistency and longevity of the programmes is maintained at the highest standard.

Q  So is it an inspection?

A  No. QA consultants do not come to centres to “inspect”, but to “shine a light” on what is going on. Facilitator teams and their schools are very much part of the OLEVI network. Part of the QA process is to share good practice across the OLEVI network and utilise the training to keep the programmes current, fresh and relevant to meet the needs of an ever changing educational landscape. QA consultants are expected to work within the ethos of the OLEVI Teaching & Learning Programmes and role-model DR ICE throughout the QA experience.

Q  So, what’s in it for me?

The QA visit not only assures the quality of the programme but also develops the facilitator. OLEVI’s coaching ethos ensures feedback from the observing QA consultant moves the learning of others forward. The QA visit becomes part of the facilitators’ training and their on-going teaching and learning development. On-going feedback from facilitators tells us that the QA process is a constructive, affirming experience that builds confidence and develops skills.

For further information about QA visits or becoming a QA consultant please contact Karen Hughes: karen@olevi.co.uk

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