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Evaluation forms: Why are they so important?

It is great to see the tweets celebrating the successful OLEVI programmes delivered in schools around the country in the autumn and spring terms this year.  

If you have sent us your evaluation forms for your programmes – thank you!

A quick plea – please also include a register with the crucial GDPR Data Opt-In ticked (or not). 

If you haven’t yet sent us your evaluation forms – read on…

The evaluation forms are a valuable source of information for the:  

  • Delegates – to reflect on their experience and how it will help them in their school; 
  • Facilitators – to see how well the programme has gone;
  • OLEVI Central Team  

So, how does ‘OLEVI Central’ use the information?

To update the programmes and resources – so you can be confident that the programmes you are delivering continue to be relevant, top-quality products with a wide impact on the T&L culture within your school. 

Marketing – to show the number and distribution of schools delivering our programmes, plus the numbers of delegates involved. We also use some of the comments (anonymously or with permission), to highlight delegates’ experiences.

Communication – we like to keep in touch with you and/or your delegates when we have another great idea, to share experiences from other schools, or when we think there might be a programme that would be of interest.  

My OLEVI journey – the programmes are all about the individual delegates and their schools, so it is fascinating to trace the journey – from ITP/OTP to Facilitator (and/or OLE or OPC) – and hear about the impact. Is this you? If so, we would love to hear your story!  

So, if you have run a programme this year, please send the evaluation forms and one of the registers to us. The registers are important because they have the GDPR consent, which tells us whether or not the delegates wish to hear from us. Thank you.

Help us help you

If you are running a programme in the summer term, please send us details. Help us to help you – as the Central Team, we are often called when a school is looking at CPD options in their area. We can only advise them on programmes that we know are running.

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