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Why do we talk about Golden Nuggets? To develop reflective teaching practice

Ashley Bartlett talks about the language of ‘Golden Nuggets’ and its power in encouraging reflective teaching practice.

Ealier this year we were delighted to welcome senior leaders from across the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT Partnership for the opportunity to meet our current trainees. Not only did the senior leaders appreciate the offer of tea and cake as a brief respite from their busy roles, but they also had the chance to network and make links with our trainees.

Trainees took the opportunity to reflect on their experience thus far, sharing with senior leaders their ‘Golden Nugget’ (an OLEVI model embedded in our delivery) from their practice to date. Strict parameters of one minute and only one PowerPoint slide (example pictured) resulted in fantastically focused presentations.

Reflections were broad and insightful, covering topics as wide-ranging as the importance of classroom routine, the power of questioning, modelling and interleaving. Senior leaders praised the reflectiveness of the trainees at this early stage in their training, and the cohort benefitted from hearing of the experiences of their peers.

Both trainees and experienced teachers took away ideas to trial in their own classrooms and made useful connections within the profession.

We were even more delighted when our trainees returned to meet senior leaders for ‘mock interviews’ the following term and hear them still speaking the language of ‘Golden Nuggets’. One senior leader, who had not been present at the October meeting, asked: “Why do your trainees speak consistently of ‘Golden Nuggets’?”. Our response: “Because that’s the power of an OLEVI model in encouraging reflective practitioners!”

Ashley Bartlett is the Deputy Programme Manager for the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT and Lead Subject Tutor in History, an OLEVI Designated Person (DOP) / OLEVI QA Consultant, and Specialist Leader of Education (SLE): History / Teaching and Learning, and Specialist Lead Teacher: Teaching and Learning, at the Rushey Mead Academy

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